Chapter Fourteen: The Rare Case Of Sugar And Spice

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Another early morning practice is thankfully what gets her out of his apartment at god-awful-o'clock unscathed, and more importantly, without making him think this was a one night stand

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Another early morning practice is thankfully what gets her out of his apartment at god-awful-o'clock unscathed, and more importantly, without making him think this was a one night stand. After the ordeal that was yesterday, Eisa was sure she never ever wanted to get on her personal psycho's bad side ever again. So she apologizes for having to leave so early, kisses him again, minus the shudder that wants to shake his touch from her, and leaves, taking a taxi from outside his apartment back to her home. Once there, she immediately takes the hottest shower she can, hoping the combination of scalding hot water and intense scrubbing at her skin can get rid of this tight feeling in her ribs like his hands are still there, just squeezing lightly, the press of ownership. Now as clean as she can get, she carefully pins her wet hair in curlers, going for a safer hair curl option, and gets herself into her underwear before sitting at her vanity. She pulls out her makeup, first checking her neck, finding only one mark she has to cover. She sets about colour correcting and concealing the bruise, letting her mind wander to the list of things she has to do in her day. 

She can't quite order her thoughts, everything feeling so wrong, so jumbled. She does her entire makeup routine without even noticing, and when she finishes, she starts, thanking god for muscle memory and her love of routine. Standing, she picks out an outfit, packing it in a spare bag before dressing into her cheer practice uniform. She carries the lot to... Not her car, which is apparently still at the school after Noel grabbed her. 

"Need a ride?" Spencer, thankfully, is there to rescue her with her offer.

"Yes. Unfortunately forgot my car was still at school after everything that went on."

"Yeah... You gonna tell me the truth about that?"

"Any chance I could convince you just not to ask?" Eisa looked hopefully at the stern scowl on her friends face. "Fine... Noel caught me making out with someone and we fought, I told him some harsh truths, he was harsh right back, and... I got over it the way I get over things."

"Vomiting into your sink and terrifying the crap out of your friends? And, more than that, going back to acting like the ice-cold bitch you were before-," Spencer cuts herself off before she says what she means. Before Ali died.

"That was... A panic response in the middle of the fight, but no, I went on a date."

Spencer visibly starts at that, staring at Eisa over the roof of her car before entering the driver's side. "Wow, okay, with who?"

"Just some older guy, but it felt good, moving on, not worrying about anything but having fun with someone. With Noel, it was always a stress. After we broke up and got back together, he was neurotic about everything. He couldn't stand spending a whole day away from me, demanded we see each other every single Sunday, not just the ones we happened to be free on. He had to drive me to school, I had to eat lunch with him 3 out of 5 days. He was jealous whenever his asshole brother flirted with me, and when we were together, he had to constantly touch me, like hands around my waist, touching my hair. Then, on the rare occasions we weren't together, he'd call if I didn't answer a text, like, immediately. Honestly, I didn't notice fully and properly till after we were over but he was so toxic."

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