Chapter Ten: Let The Dumping Begin

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The next morning, the sun barely up, the five girls meet back in the woods, each carrying a bag of stuff, and all looking much worse for wear

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The next morning, the sun barely up, the five girls meet back in the woods, each carrying a bag of stuff, and all looking much worse for wear. Finally, Spencer let's the group in on what she knew that they didn't.

"Alison wanted us across the street so she could have it out with Toby. Ali had something on him."

"Besides being a total perv who peeped in our windows?" Eisa has to stop herself from defending her friend, but she knows that her friends would know something was up between the two if she did.

"Yeah. Something way bigger, and Ali was threatening to tell everybody. That's why he took the fall for us."

"Why are you waiting until now to tell us?"

"I don't know. Ali made me promise, and..." Eisa more than sympathises with Spencer, keeping promises to a dead girl, especially Ali, is like instinct. "I guess I was scared. I thought if we never talked about that night again, it would just go away."

"Well it's not going away. Not unless we toss our phones and join the navy."

"Look, there's five of us, and one freak sending messages. If we just talk to each other like this, I feel like it makes it easier to deal with everything," Emily the optimist doesn't really mesh with Eisa's current attitude.

'That's easy for you to say. I get punished every time I don't do as I'm told. Or I would be. I'm not ready to test the theory. I'd rather save my lesser secrets to cash in at a later date for things worth disobeying over.' Eisa quips in her head, not daring to say any of this out loud. If they found out she was so manipulatable, they might not trust her.

"I think Emily's right. There's way too many secrets. We shouldn't do this in the middle of nowhere. We should do it where we can see it everyday," Aria's contribution does have some merit, Eisa supposes.

"You mean like somewhere in school?"

"No. In town. We should ask if we can put a bench somewhere. Wait, and you know what? Whoever did this to her? If they're still in Rosewood, we should make them look at it everyday, too."

Hanna sighs, which Spencer immediately latches on to.

"What, you hate the idea?"

"No, I just had a rough night," Eisa flinches minutely, guilt stabbing at her for her part to play in her friends misery.

A twig snaps, and this time, rather than running scared, the girls drop their bags and run towards the sound, only to find Alison's name bracelet. After that great epiphany, they walk back to their cars. Eisa decides, even if she can't explain why, she wants her friends help with today's A appointed task.

"Would you guys mind helping me at lunch? I'm dumping Noel and it might get a little... Messy. I want to get out of there as fast as I can."

"I thought you said, on like Monday, that you guys were in love or whatever. I mean, you were all gooey and all over each other last night," Hanna questions her suspiciously. Even Spencer squints. So Eisa falls back on her heartless bitch routine.

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