Chapter Seven: To Remember A Bitch By

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Days later, finally the weekend, the whole group goes walking in the woods, and Emily thinks she's found the perfect way for them all to say goodbye together

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Days later, finally the weekend, the whole group goes walking in the woods, and Emily thinks she's found the perfect way for them all to say goodbye together. Hanna, of course, loudly voices her disagreement.

"Whose idea was this again?"

"Emily's Mom."

"The shed was me, my Mom just said we should do something for us."

"Well couldn't we do something without mosquitoes?" Eisa is already annoyed, completely ignoring the group and their bickering by forging ahead towards the shed where they'd often hung out. She intentionally blocks most of their bickering out as she forges ahead.

"So what, are you saying I attract flies?" Hanna's response to Spencer's snippy comment is more than a little petulant, making Eisa roll her eyes at her friend yet again. The fact that she's incorrectly identifying the bugs causes Aria to correct her again.

"Why do I feel like this is the wrong way?" Eisa silently thanks Emily for the subject change, she was seconds away from choking the blonde.

"No, this is it, I remember that tree. It's the halfway point. There's 136 steps left to the shed."

"Have you been out here since... Alison?" Emily's immediate suspicion of Spencer makes Eisa'a hackles rise.

"Me? No, no way."

"But you remember that tree." Aria jumps on the suspicion bandwagon now, but thankfully, Eisa can always trust Hanna to defuse the crazy.

"You guys, it's not that weird. I mean, we came out here in eighth grade like every day. And ninth, though not after."

"That, and it's Spencer. It would be weird if she hadn't memorised it." Eisa finally contributes to the conversation. She goes to continue walking in the direction of the shed, but immediately realises her friends aren't following her.

"I think this is the wrong place to do this, whatever you call it, shrine."

"It's not a shrine, it's just a place to remember Alison. What's wrong with that?" Emily's super pout doesn't seem to have any effect on Spencers grouchy demeanor.

"Doing it way out here makes it look like we have something to hide."

"You're worried what other people think?" Eisa butts in here, because the two are apparently gearing up for a bickering match in the middle of the woods.

"We should be. Even though I explained away the suspicious story to Wilden, he didn't seem particularly pacified."

"Eisa's right Em! Do we really want to give Detective Creep more reasons to question us?"

Hanna makes a face at that, something resembling anxiety and some other mystery emotion that Eisa can't decipher. No matter the emotion, it causes Hanna to walk through her friends, looping arms with Eisa, and the two continue walking to the shed, which causes the girls to scurry after them.

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