Chapter Four

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Chapter Four

Vienna was then taken back to the pack house as Stephen put his foot down and told her, "You will be living here until you can be given a new room if possible."

Vienna nodded and said, "Alright Stephen, I agree, I don't want to live with them either." For the next week, Vienna was driven to and from school by different pack members until a new dorm room could be found for her. But in the end, she had the choice of living where she had been as nothing was available.

She and Stephen sat with Dean Ritchie and told him, "Vienna will not be living with drugs around her as she doesn't trust her dorm mates anymore." Stephen sighed and said, "Vienna has a phobia about drugs and alcohol, if they couldn't deal with the problem students, then she wouldn't live there."

Dean Ritchie asked, "Why?"

Vienna said, "The girls previously never had parties in our dorm, never until they came back after being at home." She added, "If you don't do anything about their disgusting behavior then you aren't doing your job protecting the students who attend your school. Those girls need to be reprimanded for what they were doing on school property. It is unthinkable that they never even got a slap on the wrist for bringing drugs onto the school grounds."

He shrugged and said, "Their parents have been informed but they all donate big time to the school and the trustees have said that is all we can do."

Vienna stood and said, "So you're saying instead of protecting the students who go here, you're protecting the guilty students who have money backing them, good to know Dean Ritchie. I'm sure every other parent who sends their sons and daughters here to be taught are going to be surprised of your lack of protecting their children. Encouraging drugs to be introduced to their kids is going to go over really well, don't you think? Soon you won't have a school to run because they will see that their kids are pulled out and transferred."

Stephen stood and said, "I totally agree, good day Dean Ritchie, better get your personal affairs in order because your school will be closed soon and you'll be out of a job. Every professor will be out of jobs, so you and your trustees will be scrambling around scratching your heads at what happened." They left Dean Ritchie who was shocked at the threat, sitting in his seat with his mouth open and gasping for words.


A month later, Stephen sighed and he learned that Mark had been involved with the violation of Vienna. He had got fed up with waiting to hear back from Alpha Adam and had his warriors drag Mark back to the pack cells where they interrogated him. Mark named names of others who were responsible for her kidnapping and names of who violated her too. Stephen then contacted the council who showed up and listened as Mark spilled his news.

Vienna had to stay in the pack house as Mark had contacted the others and told them, to her horror, where she was. She was terrified and stayed indoors unless going out with warriors to shift and run. As soon as the councilmen showed up and saw her, they scented her fear as she was holdup in the pack house. She sat down with them and said, "I'm afraid they will come here since they were told where I am by Mark, they might kidnap and violate me again."

They growled and said, "It's not happening."

"I was going to University and told them what had occurred making me pull out of school as the Dean and trustees weren't doing anything with the drugs in school," she said. They left her there after promising they will see that everyone that had been involved with her kidnapping and violation will be punished by them severely.

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