Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

As soon as the doors open and they are directed inside, the officers start having a hassle as some of the one's that they arrested are still giving them an issue. Due to this though, they ended up shoving Vienna and a few of the other women into the drunk tank where a few whores were staying, making one of the women start crying. They gave each of them time to make their call and when it was Vi's turn, she didn't enjoy it one bit.

"Hello?" Her dad says in the phone when he answers.

"Hi, dad, it's me," Vienna says after she clears her throat trying to make the knot in it disappear. "Can you come pick me up? I'm at the police station."

"What the hell are you doing there, Vienna Arlise?" He shouts into the phone, making her take the phone away from her head.

"Tiff called and said she needed me to go with her to meet the DJ at the club and when we went there she basically left me by myself while she was with him, so I decided to just dance for a few until a fight broke out. The police came and they put me in a van to take me to the police station. I didn't even have to wear handcuffs since I never gave them any issues," she rushes to tell him in one breath and could hear him sigh as you could hear Gordo growling in the background.

"I'll be there to pick you up in an hour, from this point on though, Tiffany is no longer welcome in my house, got me?" He tells her with a growl at the ending.

"I fully understand that, dad, I'll see you when you get here, love you," she tells him as she hung up the phone. The female officer grabs her gently by the arm as she gently smiles at Vi and escorts her back to the drunk tank where some of the whores were swarming around the door to the cell. As soon as it was opened one of the whores lurches and hurls right down the front of Vienna's clothes, almost making Vi throw up in the process.

"Back off, drunken bitch. Look what you've done!" The officer shouts at her as she helps me sit down and points to a corner for the whores to sit down in. She looks at Vi with pity in her eyes and closes the door to the cell before walking off. When her father was being escorted to the drunk tank the officer was already there with a few towels helping her clean off her clothes.

"So you've been drinking?" He states while watching as the officer gets back up and gives him a glare.

"This isn't from her, but one of those sluts in the corner that is supposed to be behaving while they stay overnight since they are drunk. I don't think these other girls have even really touched a drop of alcohol while they were at the club, including your daughter, sir." She tells him and you could tell by the look on his face that he didn't believe the officer one bit. Gordo is standing outside the cell and could smell all of the alcohol but besides that he could smell the truth emitted from the officer. When Colton looks at him over his shoulder he raises an eyebrow until he sighs and grabs a hold of his daughters' wrist.

"So besides disobeying me and leaving the house, you went to a club, danced, drank and possibly some other things, huh?" As he says this Gordo rubs the bridge of his nose, realizing how wrong his father was and knows that he won't listen to reason.

"I didn't drink, dad, all I did was drink a bottle of water and dance," she tells him and he glares at her.

"I'll believe that when I see the proof of it," he tells her as he drags her from the police station and pushes her roughly into the back seat. The whole while Gordo is looking a little apprehensive in how rough he is treating his sister. They all took off and Gordo realizes that she's a little green from the smell of vomit still on her so he rolls his window down, but their dad glares at her thinking that she's going to get sick and vomit with all the alcohol that she could have drank.

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