Chapter Five

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Chapter Five

When Vienna woke, her wolf was still quiet and unresponsive. Tyler took her hand and said, "Hey, how are you feeling Vi?"

She smiled and said, "I feel much better personally, but my wolf is still asleep. What time is it? I feel starved, Ty."

He grinned and said, "You should be, it's been two days."

She moved her legs off the bed and said, "Help me up, I need to eat."

He chuckled and said, "Come on, I'll even carry you, Vi." She held her arms and he lifted her up and carried her to the kitchen. He had informed them that Vienna was awake and starved so the kitchen staff were ready, pulling a warmed plate of left over from the microwave and set it in front of her.

Her stomach growled, she grinned and thanked them, loving the prompt attention. Tyler watched as she ate the whole plate, offering him a few bites even. Once she was done, Stephen walked in the room and said, "Good you're awake now, Vienna."

She turned and hugged him as he got close and said, "I'm fine, thanks for letting Tyler get me away, I know you were upset but I couldn't stay there anymore."

He nodded and said, "No sweat Vienna, I agree with Tyler once we got home and he explained, so how are you feeling, really?"

She smiled and said, "The councilmen did a good job, the link to whatever smelling Carter opened is gone, my wolf is calm in the back of my mind and especially wants to thank them for the prompt way they could do that."

He said, "Good, they were quite worried as you passed out so suddenly."

Vienna said, "I think it was the buildup of stress we both felt, my wolf wanted to shift and go after him, but I held her back. I actually feel better because the worry about my mate rejecting me because of what happened is gone, I can now breathe when you say the word mate."

Stephen sighed and said, "Good, but we had to call Frannie and Chuck, they are on their way now."

Vienna sighed deep and said, "No stopping them?"

They chuckled and he said, "No."

Vienna said, "Okay, how soon will they be here, I need a shower."

He said, "They haven't called yet to be picked up so I don't think they will be long, you go take your shower because they will demand to see you Vi."

Tyler picked her up and carried her off to Stephen's chuckling as Tyler carried her to her room and set her down. She hugged him and said, "Thanks Ty, see you soon." He nodded and left her there, closed the door and went back to see Alpha Stephen. After a nice long hot shower, Vienna dressed and did her hair, put it all up in a messy bun and leaned to look in her eyes. She said out loud to her wolf, "We'll find someone better than him; he was no good seeing as he couldn't wait to claim a bitch instead of us."

Her wolf sighed, 'I agree, Tyler maybe?'

Vienna grinned and said, "Yes he has a good soul, smells great and is good looking to boot."

Her wolf chuckled and said, 'Yes his wolf has been through a lot, his mate died I was told before they could find and claim her.'

Vienna said, "I didn't know that."

Her wolf said, 'Yeah, his wolf has been reaching out to me and I had to hold back until we woke earlier, he actually helped a lot.'

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