Chapter Four

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Chapter Four

Charles looked around the pack grounds as he got out of his rental before he turned to see who was waiting out in front of the pack house. He saw a young woman that looked like a mixture of both him and his mate and his eyes tears up when his wolf whispers, 'That's our pup.' He slowly walked towards her as her eyes shows her own tears that she wipes every so often.

"Hi," she said as he stopped right in front of her and she nervously stuck her hand out, "My name is Jadyn Payton, it's nice to meet you, Head Councilman Charles." He refused to shake her hand and grabs her up into his arms as his oldest son Cameron got out of the car with a huge smile on his face.

"No, it's wonderful to meet you again, Jadyn. You can call me dad," he tells her as he sobs against her neck. "We were looking forward to raising you, my little girl. It broke your mothers heart when we were told that you were another of ours stolen from the nursery."

"Come on, dad. Don't smother her, I still need to meet her and the other three," Cameron says as he stands behind his dad. His jaw drops when he saw his little sister's eyes looking up into his. "Good grief, her eyes are exactly like moms," he said with tears in his voice.

"Yes, son, they do," Charles said as he released Jadyn to let Cameron grab her into his huge muscled arms. A voice cleared behind them making Cameron turn to see three younger men standing there with a mixture just like Jadyn. "Oh, god, they look so much like me..."

"Yeah, they do. How the hell did we miss that?" Alpha Sam wondered as he and his son walked down the steps to welcome the Head of Council. "We welcome you into our home, Charles, and hope that you can get to know your children. They want to get to know you as well"

"I am so glad that I will be able to, Sam. Thank you for keeping them safe for me," he says as he takes Sam's hand in a handshake. "We have been traveling for a little bit and are tired, so we will take care of everything first thing in the morning."

"I understand, Charles. My mate has gotten rooms ready for you, so if you and your son will follow my new daughter-in-law and she will take you to them. I will send someone to your rooms to let you know when dinner is ready," Sam said and Jadyn stepped closer.

"Come with me you two," she says with a smile.


"So, tell me about yourself, Glen," Charles said as he sat forward in his seat.

"I have always had a thing for your daughter since before I shifted, and fortunately fate decided to throw a wrench on my fate with my true mate to help me along with that. I was training with a pack for a few weeks and didn't know that she was a part of that pack until me and my Beta have decided to go to a party just to relax before we left to head home. She was dancing on a table when we got there and before I could do anything a warrior of their pack took her to his room and proceeded in marking and mating her. By the time she came back to the pack house we were about to head out and she realized I was her true mate, she cried and lied saying he forced himself onto her. Her Alpha and I asked the same question, if the reason she says this is because I am an Alpha heir and her wolf took over and said yes, that her human didn't ever want to her true mate and was trying to find a high ranked male. I left her there on the steps saying that I couldn't have a loose and lying slut as my mate, especially since she was pregnant from that night," Glen finished up and his Beta Chris had to put his two cents in on it.

"He also told her that he already knew of someone who was better than her in every way and as soon as he found her that he would make sure that they would mate," he said with a huge grin. "The girl that was his true mate was an Alpha's loose daughter, who lost her virginity before she even hit thirteen. The warriors told us that she's had multiple abortions from her exploits with pack males in her pack and those in the area. Her father even agreed with him rejecting her because he knew our pack was strong and didn't need someone like her as a Luna."

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