Chapter Seven

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Chapter Seven

Vienna sighs as she watches the children playing out on the playground to the back of the pack house, she loves watching over them. Their souls show that they are still so pure and full of life as they play with the others. One child shines amongst the others, and that is Stephen and Lora's little boy who comes over to her every so often to hug her legs, showing her that he wants her there to watch him.

He has become a full on part in her life now and enjoys watching Ty make her blush. Ben comes over with a huge grin and pokes her cheeks calling her a strawberry. Stephen stood there watching his son's movements grinning as he raises an eye at Ty who just grins at his Alpha. He ends up sitting at the picnic table next to Ty as they all three watch the children.

"You ever going to let your dad retire, Ty?" He asked as he watches his Head Warrior training the new warriors off to the other side of the pack house. "You know, your mother wants to go to Hawaii for vacation at least one time in their life."

"Yeah, I plan on taking my role up really soon, Stephen." He tells his Alpha and looks at Vienna out from the corner of his eyes. "I'm probably going to be very busy when I do, so I'm trying to get things accomplished with the little bit of time that I have left." He says as they watched Ben topple Vienna over when he hugged her.

Beta Andrew walks up with his twins totting behind him wondering what's going on and as soon as the four-year olds spotted Vienna they joined Ben in tackling her. "We seem to have some visitors with a long procession heading here, Alpha," he tells him and Stephen nods with a small smile showing on his face.

"I know, I have been informed and why they are coming," he tells him and shows him a wink as he nudges his head to having him watch as Ty walks over and hoists Vienna up into his arms. "Perfect together, right?"

"Absolutely," Beta Mary says as she walks over and wraps her arm around his waist while he rubs her just showing belly. "I'm just glad that she can play with them even though she's been through so much. Puts me at ease seeing her smile and hearing her laughter, it makes me smile when I hear it. Now, I will go and bring the kids in for a snack while you take our visitors to the office." She says as she walks over to the three children and took two sets of hands while one walked in holding one of the other children's hands.

"Well, what's going on?" Ty asks as he and Vienna walk over to them.

"Let's head to the office, we have some visitors that Vienna needs to talk to," Stephen says and they all head to his office. They sat down waiting for the Beta to show them to the office and Vienna feels a little apprehensive since she knows it's about her, but that's all she knows. A knock is heard on the office door and the Beta opens it while escorting HC Aaron and her father and brother. Her eyes widen then narrow as she shoots Stephen a glare.

"Why are they here?" She growls out and Aaron clears his throat before he hands out an envelope to her.

"Read this and you might understand," he tells her and she opens the lipstick marked letter, realizing that it was the Luna's from their pack and tears flare up in her eyes.

"I hope I can," she says before she reads the entire letter and her eyes start tearing up while her father's face holds a worried expression. His eyebrows furrow as he looks her over along with her brother. She gasps out as she finishes it and drops the letter on the ground, turning she looks into their eyes. "Is it true?" She asks and tears flood down her cheeks making them slowly walk to her, nodding. "Oh, my god, it was worse than I thought." She cries out as she covers her face and tearful sobs emit from her body, making it shake. The two men rush over and engulf her into their embrace as tears run down their cheeks. It surprised Stephen and Ty as they tensed up thinking she would push them away but her tiny arms wrap around them and she hugs them tightly.

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