Chapter Two

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Chapter Two

"Right now, I'm very disappointed in having pack members like you," Alpha Sam told Christine and Bryant. Their eyes widened when he heard this and they looked around the office, trying to figure out where their daughter was. "I have a feeling that Kate was lying, and if so there will be repercussions on both your parts. I cannot have people who disown their children because of one bitch who have always been jealous of her sister."

"What do you mean, Sam?" Alpha Boris asked him with curious eyes as he looked from him to the other two who are now looking worried.

"Ever since the girls were younger they have spoiled Kate nonstop but were always on Jadyn's case. The only ones who even are nice to her in the family are the boys, but even then they will have to deal with the boys mates who will be brainwashed by these two. I'm afraid that I cannot have these two in the pack with the way that they treat their daughter. I will give the boys a choice to stay or move with them." Sam told him and Boris narrows his eyes at the two.

"I will accept them but only on the condition that they aren't to step a foot out of line. Which means that they cannot give their daughter anymore problems and if Kate is guilty of lying then she will not be given the title of Beta female." When he says this the pairs eyes furrow in anger.

"That is not fair!" Christine gritted out to him.

"Watch your tone, who do you think you are talking to?" Alpha Boris asked her with a growl in his voice, making Bryant shut his mouth from protesting any more. "By your actions it leads me to believe that Kate did lie to us and I cannot have a Beta female that lies even if it is about someone who isn't in our pack. It leads to distrust amongst the pack and leads us all to believe that you cannot tell if someone is telling you the truth or not."

"Yes, you are correct, Boris. Now, let me let you in on a little fact about your now disowned daughter," Sam says as he looks at the two who are looking worried. "You disowned her for no apparent reason, she is as pure as can be and a virgin to boot. I have had her checked over by the pack doctor and he let me know that your other daughter was harassing her the whole ceremony, causing Jadyn to pull away and leave before she could even eat at the reception. If she can do that with Jadyn what makes you think she won't be even crueler towards a pack member just because she is the next Beta female?" As he says this the two next Alphas' let their presences become known as they were listening to them.

"I cannot trust her, and with the fact that she's now saying that her and Dyson are true mates makes me wonder if they really are or not," Evan says as he crosses his arms. "I don't like the fact that it could be possible that my best friend lied to me but then I have not once heard out of his mouth of him claiming that she is his "true" mate. Just that she was his mate and wanted to get married to her to cement their bond."

"True," Glen says and rubs his chin. "Mostly, the only ones who do this are those that aren't mating their true mate." With both young men bringing this up, Jadyn's parents paled and it didn't go unnoticed.

"So that is how it will be? You do know this could cause Dyson to lose his position, right?" Boris tells the two while shaking his head at them. A rushed knock could be heard in the room and the door is quickly opened by two of their sons.

"Sorry to interrupt you, Alpha," the second oldest Colt says as him and his brother walks in with pale faces. "I just wanted to inform you that Jadyn has packed all of her belongings and left in her car. Alex is pursuing her right now and fears he might not catch her."

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