Chapter Five

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Chapter Five

Charles is standing outside having to take a breather when he realized that even at the tender age of five, Kate was so twisted that she gave her mother the idea to just kill his mate. She even went so far as to sleep with her mate and gotten pregnant and just to piss him off even more, she shifts right in front of him, just to kill their child.

He's never met someone so twisted like her; even a rogue would be cleaner in soul than she is. He looks up to the skies and wondered what the Moon Goddess should have him do to this young woman who is more of a rogue than anything. She's already killed her mother and even envisions getting rid of her own father, thinking that he's weak.

He feels a hand on his shoulder and saw the brilliant visage of the Moon Goddess standing before him. She nods to him and told him with tears in her eyes, "Release her wolf first before you tear her apart. I do not want my wolf to turn evil because of this woman. Her mother is already burning in hell, let her join her."

"As you wish, mother of all," he tells her with deep sorrow for what he is about to have to do. Her form vanishes but not before she smiles gently at the young woman who was standing in the doorway, worried about her father.

"Tell her not to worry, that her mother is happy that she's alive and well. She's watching over all of you and will wait until you are ready to come to me, child. Her children will get to know their grandfather." The Moon Goddess whispers in his head and he grins with tears in his eyes as he walks up to his daughter and takes her into his arms.

"You know who that was, don't you?" He asks her as he looks down into her smiling face.

"Yes, I have met her once when I was a child and the pack was under attack by rogues. She picked me up to take me to a safe place, saying that my mother would hate for me to die before it was my time." She tells him and they turned to go downstairs where Kate was being held in the interrogation room. "So, what is to happen now?"

"I have to do something that I normally hate, but as of right now, I believe that it is the best for it to be done," he tells her as they reach the room and he withdraws his arm from her waist. "Please, my dear, don't follow me inside. I do not wish for you to see what I have to do."

"Yes, dad," Jadyn says as she is suddenly hugged by her youngest brother as the both of them watch him enter the room.

"Do you know what he's going to do?" Blake asks her and she nods solemnly.

"He's going to kill her," she says as she tries to hurry and reach the stairs to go up them before it was done, but she isn't quick enough before she hears the shrill scream and she covers her mouth, trying not to be sick to her stomach. Glen felt her anxiety and he rushes to pick her up and take her to a restroom so that she could empty out her stomach contents. After she finishes, she starts crying over the bowl of the toilet, wondering how bad Kate could have been for her to be ripped apart both body and soul.

"Love," Glen calls to her as he hands her a wet wash cloth so that she could wipe her mouth. "You do know that your father never wanted you to be hurt by this, right?" He asked as he rubbed her back.

"I know, Glen, it just hurts me to see him have to kill someone I thought I knew," she cries out. "Her soul must have been black as hell if he was told by the Moon Goddess to do it."

"Yeah, I don't think we should even know all of what she's done." He tells her as he picks her up into his arms and carries her to the infirmary, so that everyone could see the scan the doctor wants to do.

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