Chapter Six

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Chapter Six

Gordo slammed the door to his dad's house and stomped to his office, didn't even knock and glared his way to his father, who is sitting at his desk doing paperwork. His father's eyebrows rose as he noticed his son is just in shorts and quickly approaching him with balled fists. "What is it son?" He asked but didn't get a chance to get up as his son pulls his fists back and punches him right in the face, knocking the man out of his seat and splitting his lip in the process.

"You bastard!" Gordo growls out as tears are shining in his eyes, "You just might have cost me my sister when you ordered me not to call her, or even find out if she was okay." He said as he grits his teeth while the man is on his hands and knees slowly rising while wiping the blood from his lip. "Well she wasn't okay, Dad. She was traumatized, irrevocably traumatized. So much so that Chuck told me that she grew skinny until Frannie had to force her to start eating again, and that was AFTER they took her to a therapist."

"I didn't know she was that bad, son, honestly I didn't. I had to order you not to call her, Gordo." When his son's eyes widened he starts growling even as the man raises his hands to ward off his son. "I was Alpha ordered to, Gordo, otherwise I would have been calling them every time I could. I barely was able to call that one time and the only reason why we were able to is because Adam was knocked out and his mate told me to quickly get in touch with her, and make sure that you talked to her too."

"What?" He grits out and mind links Anthony, "Can you come in here, dude. I think your dad is responsible for everything." Colton didn't know that Anthony was standing on the stairs listening to the whole confrontation and was shocked when the soon-to-be Alpha walks into his office.

"No, I can't let him know, I was ordered not to tell his son what he has been doing." Colton said and before long he could no longer open his mouth. His eyes show mortification and he looks at his son with pleading eyes.

"What's going on here?" Anthony demands in his Alpha tone, and they both watched Colton twitch in his own skin, making them realize that he was ordered by the Alpha not to say a word. Anthony sighs and takes a deep breath boosting up his wolf's power, making it flare around him and he opens his eyes showing the two the wolf in his eyes. "I, Anthony Devon Caldwell, deem my father, Alpha Adam William Caldwell, unfit to rule as Alpha and so forth and now on anyone on pack grounds will follow my orders from now on. All Alpha orders from Adam are to now be broken!" He shouts out and the power flares off to expand over the pack grounds, to hit every person that was ordered by Adam. He takes his phone out and dials the HC's number.

"Yes, Anthony, what may I be of help with?" Head Councilman Aaron says into the phone as he gets out of the car in front of the Beta's house.

"I need assistance if you would please; I know you are all heading here with what happened to Vienna." As he says this Colton sags down and lands in his seat, tears flaring into his eyes.

"I'm walking in right now, Anthony, is both Colton and Gordo there now?" He asked as he walks in the front door.

"Yup, we're in the office right now," he says and hangs up the phone. As he does this Colton's eye zip over to the door and they saw the huge male walk into his room while the other councilmen are slowly coming up the stairs.

"Hello, Colton, I want to know exactly what you were ordered to do." The blue of the man's wolf's eyes shines in the office.

"He told me that the best way for Vienna to heal from the ordeal would be to let her heal on her own, away from the pack. He ordered me to send her to my mate's cousin and said that I cannot have any contact for the next five years." He sighs as he wipes his hands over his face, looking directly into the fearsome eyes. "He told me to order Gordo not to contact her and it wasn't until he was rendered unconscious from a rogue attack that the Luna demanded I go and contact my daughter immediately to find out how she is doing."

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