Chapter Three

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Chapter Three

Glen took the time to undo the restraints only after he aroused Jadyn again. He pulled her down to the floor as the bathroom was too far. His lips were back on her sweet spot and as soon as she moaned again his wolf took over. Clothes were shredded; as each of them tore the other's off as they wrestled for top spot. When his teeth bit down, Jadyn went limp on top of him. He rolled them over as she wrapped her legs around him tighter.

When his member was lined up, she grabbed his ass and unleashed her claws. He groaned and with one thrust, buried himself to the limit inside her, and then she moaned. He refrained from moving until she started to grip him with her inner muscles and slipped her claws from his ass. He licked her neck and then sucked again as she was latched onto his neck after finding his sweet spot.

They both climaxed after urgings from their wolves who took control and both bit down over the other's sweet spot, claiming each other as mates.


As soon as the whole pack felt the marking of the two, they were relieved as a pack is not complete until the future is set into motion. Meaning, the next Alpha has to have his mate and claims her before they could feel like a whole pack. Alpha Sam and his mate Larissa are sitting in the office when they felt it and both of them grins since they knew who it was that he claimed. They heard a knock at the door and Alpha Sam says, "Enter." The door opens bringing Alex into the room making Sam smile as he is about to change the playing field on a lot of things. "Oh, great, I was about to have you and your brothers come to the office so that we could talk."

"About what, Alpha?" He asks and they heard another knock which lead to Alex opening it seeing that it was his two brothers.

"Now that you are all here, me and my mate have some news to bring to light to you," Sam says as he gets up to walk around his desk, leaning against the front of it. He looks from one brother to the other and they all stood still in their spot knowing that something major is about to happen.

"Is this about Jadyn being back?" Alex asked making his brothers eyes widen and turn their heads to look at him, drawing a smile to the young man's lips.

"So you've smelt her, too?" Sam asked as his mate smacks him aside the head making him duck his head.

"Stop playing with the boys and tell them," she says with a grin.

"Okay, okay, woman, no need for violence," he says with a laugh and turns back to the boys. "Yes, this is about your sister, but also about your parents and other sister. Jadyn has come across a conundrum while she was away from the pack." He tells them causing the boys to get a worried look on their faces. "Now, she's fine and everything but she found out that your parents aren't hers which leads us to thinking that they could not be your parents, as well."

"That would explain a lot to me," Alex said as he looks at his twin. "Remember that argument that we heard them have when we were around eight?"

"Right before Jadyn was born? Yeah, we heard him fussing to her that he wanted a daughter that wasn't spoiled like Kate. Said that he heard that someone named Joy was pregnant again so that can be fixed." Colt said and his eyes widen looking to the Alpha. "You think that they stole their children?"

"Yeah, I think that is what happened. Who is this Joy, I wonder?" Alpha Sam hurried to turn to his phone and dialed a number, putting the phone on speaker.

"Yeah, Sam?" Boris said into the phone.

"I need you to get some warriors over to Kate's and her parents' house. They will need to take custody of them and search the house thoroughly. The twins just told me that they heard a conversation about them possibly stealing a child if not other children from this woman named Joy." Sam told him with a look of fury on his face.

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