Chapter One

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Chapter One

Jadyn snorted since she was standing all alone so no one near could hear as she watched from the rear of the pack as the two on stage were left to say their vows. Yup, their vows to each other were repeated and Jadyn snorts in her head just before she turned her head as the two on stage marked each other for life. Well, that's the length it's supposed to be for but who knows, since her sister gets very volatile.

Her sister Kate found her supposed true mate. He is Dyson, the next Beta of the neighboring pack. The joining of Kate and Dyson bonded the two packs together. Her wolf chuckles and says, 'Kate scents like she's just gotten pregnant, Jadyn.' Making Jadyn snort again as their senses as a she-wolf was off the chart stronger than others, even her parents. She just doesn't bring things like that up, ever.

Kate being pregnant is brand spanking new, so they must have snuck away before the ceremony. Whatever, they are now claimed mates, making Jadyn wonder when Kate was moving out. Now Jadyn only had their three brothers to find their mates. Troublesome seeing as that meant the she-wolves they would bring home to live will be filling the house up. She didn't look forward to that in the least.

Regarding her sister Kate and Dyson, the neighboring pack had lived where they are for going on twenty years. Both Kate and Dyson are over the age of finding mates, so Jadyn wondered why it took this long for them to hook up. It's not like they didn't know each other before. Parties and get together's were happening all the time with the neighboring pack.

She moved back, trying to get away before her name was called out loud. "Jadyn?"

She took one deep breath before she mind linked Alpha Sam back and asked, "What?"

"Come up here Jadyn," he tells her. She groaned and moved forward, slipping around the other members until she reached the stage, then she bowed. He laughed and asked, "You trying to get away?"

She gave him a blank stare before saying, "No." She was denying the obvious.

He grinned and said, "Photos."

She grunted and asked, "What about that single word, Alpha?"

"Family photos, with your new brother-in-law," he said.

She frowned and asked, "But why?"

He grinned and said, "Because they want to capture this celebratory event on film."

""Then let them take hordes of pictures of the two of them," she sputters. "It's their day, the start of a whole new life together."

He leaned into her face and said, "The families want pictures, so get in there."

She groaned and said, "But Alpha Sam..."

He snorted and said, "Go on, that's an order."

She sighed, hearing her wolf huffing inside of her head and yelled, "So where do I go." She had to yell over the packs screaming cheers. He pointed and she shook her head, hating being made to participate in the event. Her sister soon snarled at her making her duck down just before the shots were taken.

"Why the hell are you even in the pictures? I don't want you in them! Move now!" She shouts in Jadyn's head. Since Kate did not want her in the pictures, Jadyn did her best to sabotage each that she was placed in. Most she ducked out of sight, and then turned her head; lowering her face. "Enough!" Kate yelled and Jadyn took off running; leaving instantly. She raced out into the woods and soon stripped and shifted then ran.

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