Chapter Three

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Chapter Three

"They couldn't put up with me anymore and sent me here so they didn't have to look at me." She teared up and said, "I'm so frightened sometimes, that it will happen again if I go out. What I used to see as beautiful woods, I now see as a danger if I'm alone. I can't go out and dance because I'm no longer at ease in my own body. I worry about finding my mate and having to tell him I'm not a virgin, that I'm used, by not just one male."

Frannie stiffened and said, "None of it was your fault Vienna, there is no way he'd blame you for what happened."

Vienna said, "I know that Frannie, but it eats at me continually that he will see me as nothing more than a slut because I'm not innocent like I should be."

Frannie hugged her and said, "We'll take care of you Vienna."


Two months later, Vienna was feeling better about herself. She had transferred packs like her dad and brother wanted because she was now being surrounded by female family members who helped greatly. She saw a therapist who had helped as the fear she had been feeling were all eased and she believed more and more that when she met her mate, if he didn't accept her, then it was his loss.

She was enrolled in school and lived with Frannie and Chuck; their own kids had grown and moved out. Chuck had been informed of what had happened, but no one else here knew besides the therapist she was seeing. Her father and Gordo rarely called her, like once in the two months she had been there. She texted them both but knew she wouldn't get a reply back.

She kept them informed anyway, told them that seeing a therapist was helping but knew they had no clue how bad she had been. They didn't even want to know, she figured, so over time she stopped texting them. Her weight had taken a dive after finding out what happened to her and no one knew how bad until she had come out of her shower and Frannie walked into the room and really saw how skinny she'd become.

Frannie almost freaked as she closed the door and examined her as she'd stripped Vienna's towel off and saw all her ribs for the first time. Vienna had sighed and said, "Sorry Frannie but it's the result of stress. I couldn't see myself eat much as it just churned in my stomach."

Since that day, Frannie made sure she ate three meals at least and encouraged her to eat more as she continually baked. Chuck would walk in the house and groan, much to the happiness of Vienna who said, "Come here and see what your mate provided us with for dessert today."

Chuck would hug and kiss his mate, and then said, "Thank you Vienna for encouraging my mate to cook and bake more often." He would pat his tight abs and say, "My stomach loves it all." Frannie would blush and Vienna would leave them right after cleaning up after dinner and go up to her room, finish her homework and get ready for bed.


At her own graduation, Vienna took pride that she had kept her grades up during her upheaval. She and Frannie had tried to get her father and brother to attend but they were a no show. Vienna just sighed in hurt, after the ceremony seeing her father and brother hadn't shown. She sent them pictures that Frannie and Chuck took but never texted them to ask what stopped them from coming.

The day she packed her bags to go to university on her own was the day she packed her phone and sent it back to her father. He hadn't returned one text, stopped calling months ago. Chuck informed her, they were both alive and well but he had no idea why they had stopped talking to her. So Vienna flew across the country and was picked up by the Head Warrior of the White Lightning Pack where she would be living while she went to university.

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