I'm a science kid. Always have been, always will be.

I like science because it has rules. I like all sorts of things that have rules. Maths has rules, soccer has rules, even history is built on logic and facts

I find it important to clarify to people that I like history, not mythology. This is a rule that was reinforced by one of my earliest conversations with Lola. 

It was quite early in our friendship. We were chatting over text one afternoon when I told her about my love of history. I remember the conversation clearly.


Lola: History?? That's so cool. I love all the Greek Gods, like Zeus and Poseidon and stuff!

Me: That stuff's not history. It's a bunch of bullshit fairytales made up by people who lived thousands of years ago.

Lola: Exactly - thousands of years ago. History.

Me: History is facts. Real stuff. There was never any real giant lightning dude flying around in the sky.

Lola: But it's cool to think about.

Me: It's dumb. Why obsess over something that never existed?

Lola: You're boring.


Lola never understand my fascination with rules. She hated them. She was never a rebel, exactly. She just preferred to march to the beat of her own drum. Her hair changed colour almost weekly to whatever shade she felt like on that particular day. She churned out assignments to her own super-schedule that was always weeks ahead of everyone else's. Lola didn't set out to break the rules, but she certainly set out to make her own. 

Now, I need to establish my own set of rules that will help me avenge Lola, whether she would have liked it or not. I lean back in my desk chair, taking in the multitude of notes that I have stuck to the wall in front of me. When I find the one I'm looking for, I take it down and jot down some notes.

What I know:

- Lola was found in her submerged car off the end of St Kilda Pier.

- There were signs of a struggle inside the car.

- Lola was drunk when she died.

- Caitlyn knows about the quarry.

- Lola was acting strangely at home the week before her death.

- Lola was fighting with her little brother Jacob the week before her death.

- Lola wanted to ask Dani for help with something.

- Lola had a note to give to Caitlyn.

- Lola had news for me.

What I don't know:

- Did Lola take her own life? If so, why? If not, how did she end up underwater?

- Why was Lola acting strangely at home but not at school?

- What were Lola and Jacob fighting about?

- Why did she need Dani's help?

- What was the note about?

- What news did she have for me?

We've made progress, that's for sure. But every time we learn anything new, even more questions are opened up. The constant drama amongst the group isn't helping either. I'm hoping that my apologies to Dani and Kel will settle the storm for at least a few days.

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