People don't come to me for help. 

I am used to being a part of the background - usually Caitlyn's background. I wouldn't really consider her demands as pleads for help. And Lola never needed me, it was me who always needed her. Or, so I thought.

Now, everything has changed. Cam needs my help. Caitlyn needs my help - for real this time. And Lola needed my help before she met her untimely fate.  The only problem is that I have no idea what I am doing, and I am far too late to help Lola.

This whole ordeal would be a lot easier if I could just talk to Cam and the others more easily. Kel is quite easy to speak with, and I am grateful for all the help she gave me in handling Cam. However, the others are different.

They all seem lovely, and I've had no personal issues with them. The problem is that every time I'm around, there's this awkward tension that hangs in the air. Zig seems like such a gentle giant, and Mara seems like somebody who I would become fast friends with in any other scenario, but my constant bickering and numerous differences with Cam are forming an invisible yet impenetrable barrier between myself and the group. 

Since this morning's discussions, Cam at least seems to have reverted to silent judgments of me rather than verbal ones. However, I would much rather that we could actually talk without staring at the floor and selecting every word like it's a bomb that could go off at every second.  

Lola liked Cam, and she was the definition of picky. If she liked him, then he must be a good person. He seems intelligent and witty, but a little stiff and cold. It's possible that he's just awkward and introverted, but occasionally he can come off as a little mean.

Clearly Cam has always had his reservations about Caitlyn and I. It may not be fair, but his opinions seem to be so ingrained in his mind that he can't possibly let them go easily. It's possible that I may have to be the bigger person. Spend time with Cam, show him that I'm not the spawn of Satan, and hope that things settle 

What could possibly go wrong?


The next thing I know, it's Sunday morning and I'm strolling along the Esplanade with none other than Cameron Keyes. The sunlight is scorching my skin, but I am equipped with a generous layer of 50 SPF sunscreen and a take-no-bullshit attitude.

Cam takes a lick of his coffee flavoured icecream. "So, uh, no offense, but why are we doing this exactly?"

I snap my tongue out like a lizard to catch the sweet drops of strawberry goodness cascading down my waffle cone. "To try and get over the constant weirdness and/or anger that always happens as a result of us being within ten feet of each other."

He shrugs. "Fair point." He diverts his attention back to his icecream before freezing. "Wait, is there another problem or something?"

I can't help but laugh at his petrified expression. "No. I just thought it might help to get to know each other a little better and clear the air."

We continue our stroll quietly, but the silence is unusually peaceful. Unfortunately, Cam's lack of words is replaced by loud slurping noises as he seemingly inhales his icecream. As I pop the last piece of my cone into my mouth, I sit down on a nearby bench and gesture for Cam to follow.

He sits apprehensively, leaving a considerable distance between us. I'm not sure if I'm happy or offended. He throws his napkins into the nearby bin. "So. What do you think Lola wanted your help with?"

Typical. I bat his question away with my hand. "Nope. No mystery talk today. No death-related discussions, no investigating, nothing. Just chatting, like normal friends do."

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