Unbelievable. We spend the afternoon freaking out about Caitlyn coming to the quarry and destroying Lola's sign, and the very next morning she goes running back to her like a lost puppy. I feel the anger bubbling in my stomach as I watch them flouncing down the path together, laughing and chatting as though nothing ever happened. I must have been an idiot to bring her into my group. If Caitlyn gets wind of our meddling, we'll be done for.

Class seems to drag on forever, and my focus wanes progressively throughout each lesson. As soon as the lunch bell rings, I grab my food and head straight over to the tallest tree in the gardens where I eat with my friends. Zig is the first to arrive after me. "Sup?" He greets me as he sits down opposite me on the grass.

I lean back against the tree trunk. "I cannot believe Dani would betray us like that.''

Zig shakes his head. ''Brother, I think you might be overthinking this one.''

"You always say that!'' I retort indignantly.

He shrugs. ''It's always true.''

Kel sits down between us. "What are you two losers talking about?''

I shoot her a glare. ''Dani.''

Kel raises her eyebrows. ''Well shit. That must be the 47th time today.''

Zig's eyes briefly meet mine and he stifles a laugh. ''What?'' I snap.

He raises his hands in the air as though to surrender. ''You just seem very heated about something that may not be as big of a deal as you think it is.''

Incredulous, I look to Kel for backup. ''C'mon. One day she's going on about how Caitlyn was a slave driver who made her and Lola miserable and promising to help me out in secret, and the next she's strutting down the paths beside her like nothing happened. Doesn't that seem a little shady to you? I mean, she literally recognised Caitlyn's car sneaking out to the quarry. It's weird.''

Kel seems uncertain. ''Well, I've never liked her. But Caitlyn is her closest remaining friend - psycho or not. I feel like we can't really get up her just for talking to one of her best friends. We can't prove that Caitlyn was really doing anything wrong at the quarry. Also, you started talking to Dani, like, what - a couple of days ago? She's not exactly indebted to you in any way. Hell, you don't even like her all that much.''

I rip a handful of grass out of the ground. ''Your point?''

She sighs. ''My point is that you should calm down a little. Maybe Dani is a backstabbing traitor, maybe she's not. The fact is that we don't really know and there's not a lot we can do about it so just quit the whinging for a second and eat your goddamn sandwich before I eat it for you.''

I sulkily take a bite of my sandwich. Mara sits down with us and smiles, "How's everyone's days going?''

We stare at her blankly. Kel promptly chokes on a piece of lettuce.

Mara sighs. ''Gotcha."

She unwraps her sausage roll and takes a hearty bite.


The last bell of the day is a welcome sound. I unlock my car from across the carpark when I hear an annoyingly familiar voice from behind. ''Hey there, Mr Taxi Driver!''

I turn. ''Nope.''

Her face scrunches with confusion and she looks remarkably like a pug. ''What?''

''I'm not driving you.''

Her face falls. ''Oh. I thought we'd be going out and detective-ing again.''

''Detective-ing isn't a word.''

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