This is not good.

I stare at Dani, having jumped a metre away from her upon hearing the knocking on the door. 

Caitlyn knocks again. "I know you're in there, Dani!"

Dani looks about as horrified as I feel. She backs away from me as though I'm a giant spider on the wall and slowly opens the greenhouse door. Caitlyn strides in and surveys the room. "So what exactly is going on in here?"

I clear my throat, forcing my vocal chords to work. "Uh, biology project. Plant biology."

The corners of Caitlyn's lips turn up, but her eyes remain unsmiling. "Nice try, Einstein. We both know Dani doesn't take biology."

She turns to Dani who is visibly trembling. "Dani, I hate to break it to you, but greenhouses aren't soundproof like your precious music rooms."

Dani gulps, her dark eyes wide with fear like a lost doe caught in headlights. "I know. Uh, what are you doing here?"

"Well I saw you two walking in here and thought I'd come and ask you the same question, since there's no logical reason for you to be in the greenhouse unless you were looking for somewhere to hide."

Dani's face flushes in shame and I want so badly to comfort her. However, I remain frozen in my place in the hopes that Caitlyn might not have seen what almost became our second kiss. My heart sinks as Caitlyn turns to me. "I think it's time for you to leave my friends alone."

Friends. Plural. However bad this was before, it's just gotten a whole lot worse.

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, please. You must think I'm a complete imbecile. I know all about you and your little schemes, and I have ever since you decided to take Lola away from her lifelong best friends and brainwash her into thinking we were demons."

Her words hit me like bullets in the chest. "You knew about Lola and I?"

Caitlyn laughs. "Of course I knew. You think I never saw you two sneaking around in the parking lot. I even followed you to that creepy old quarry once."

My heart thumps violently. "So what? I was friends with Lola. That's not a crime."

She shrugs. "Sure, having friends isn't a crime. But this little charade of yours where you take my friends away, make them swear to secrecy and turn them against me is ridiculous. I know people like you usually have some sort of vendetta against popularity, but just look at yourself! There's a difference between having friends and manipulating them to join you on some little political agenda against me. I get that I'm not always the nicest. I get that sometimes you might wish you had your own chance to be in the limelight. But life isn't fair, and I shouldn't be punished for being popular."

I can't help but scoff. "You think this is about popularity? I befriended Lola after you manipulated her into taking me on a fake date to humiliate me. Of course I wasn't your number one fan, and I thought Lola could use someone to talk to. I liked her a lot, we had some good times together. There was no agenda. If you want to know what I think is shady, it's stalking your friend and watching who she hangs out with and where she goes all the time."

"Oh, please. Don't make me out to be the creep. You saw a weakness in Lola and took advantage of it. You made her swear not to tell anyone she was seeing you. You literally drove her to a creepy-ass abandoned quarry, and you wonder why I followed her? I didn't think much of it the first time I saw you two speak, Lola could have known you from any class. But when I saw her get into your crappy old junk-bucket of a car with you I thought I'd better follow you for her own safety. When I saw you weren't hurting her I left it alone, it's none of my business if she wants to have other friends. But she started acting weird ever since you got your hands on her. She got defensive when I'd speak to her. She clammed up when I'd ask her how her weekends were. She wasn't free to see me much anymore. She got quieter and moodier right up until that day when she pitched herself off that godforsaken pier, and I don't know what you did to mess with her head, but I don't like it."

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