Lani's P.O.V.

 I had run upstairs after a fun start to the day. And yes before you all ask, i did pinch Tom's lower back. I don't know why, i was just tempted. Very tempted.... 

He had told me to get changed into something fancy yet comfortable. Could i just wear jeans and a nice shirt? I shake my head and walk to my wardrobe to see what i have that is fancy yet comfortable. Maybe I could wear that dress that I wore when we went out in London.... that was fancy yet comfortable..... Is it in my bag still or in the wardrobe.... I'll check my bag first.

I rumage through my bags to try and find the dress. After 5 minutes of looking, i can't see it and then move to my wardrobe to see if someone - most likely my mum - had hung it up for me. I smile when i see it hanging in the wardrobe and i get changed into it.

Once I'm dressed I walk downstairs and can hear Tom talking with Chris. I stop about halfway, I know I'm out of sight still so i stay as quiet as I can while listening in.

"Look, you just need to take her out." Chris said.

"I'm already doing that Chris. I don't like what you're doing either. Just let me do this like someone normally would." I wasn't sure what they were talking about. I stayed where I was still listening.

"Tom, she is 29."

"And I'm 33. Your point is?" What are they arguing about?

"My point is that she has been with several guys before and none have worked out. Take Monty for example. So i gave up and decided to try and set her up with you." He did what!?

 "So you decided that setting her up with me was the best option? How do you figure that? So much has already happened between us. I've only known her for abour 3 weeks and already, my lifestyle has hit her hard Chris. She isn't meant to be with me. If she wants to be with me than fine. But let her do it on her own accord not because her older brother thinks she needs someone in her life."

I had had enough of this so i then walked down the rest of the way. I had mixed emotions; rage, sadness, disappointment and disbelief. I'm pretty sure that my eyes are tear-filled as I stop at the base of the stairs. Tom turns and goes wide-eyed as i look at them.

"Lani-" Tom started.

"I don't want to hear it. Do you mean to tell me that this whole time was just a set up. Hoping that I'd fall in love and then everything would be fine and dandy?" I was on the verge of tears.

"Lani, I never wanted to hurt you." I turned to Chris who had spoken up.



"Do you really think that I f*cking care about the language that I'm using right now big brother? I could care less at this moment in time." My anger had shot through the roof and i felt the tears fall down my cheeks as I blinked. "I trusted you. I never thought that you would actually do anything like this. Guess I was wrong." I turn and head towards the front door, grabbing my car keys from the hook they sat on. 

I opened the door and noticed that the wind had picked up. I walk out to my car and get half way there when i feel a hand on my wrist again. I stop and turn to see Tom looking at me.

"Lani. Please."

"I thought I trusted you as well. You took his side and actually agreed to this. You of all people."

"Lani, I never-" I cut him off with a sharp slap to the face. He let go of my wrist and put a hand to his cheek which was now red.

"Don't touch me." I spat out. "All you actors are the same. Stuck up, thinking that they are better than everyone else. You might say you are different but you really aren't."

"Lani. I am different. I'm not like those actors. I didn't agree with what your brother was doing, I tried to talk him out of it several times." I slapped him again.

"'You mean to tell me that you have known about this the entire time? Was anything you told me even remotely true?"

"Lani, all of it was true. I never lied when i said that I loved you." I clench my fists at my sides. I bring my hand up slap him again but he catches my wrist and then pulls me to him and kisses me. I was slightly confused and before i could react his lips left mine. "Everything i ever told you was real. My feelings for you are real Lani. I was skeptical at first when Chris first approached me about this. I have had many relationships with women that don't last and when I first layed on eyes on you, i knew that you were different. I love you Lani. That is no lie." 

 Before I can think Tom leaned down and captured my lips with his once more. This time, i find myself kissing him back and wrapping my arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. I hear a growl come from Tom and I pull back a bit. 

"You will be the death of me Lani." I smile and as he leans in to kiss me again, i turn my head so he kisses my cheek. I giggle. 

"I still haven't forgiven you. You have a lot to make up for...." I trail off as I look into his eyes. They are beautiful and I find myself getting lost in them very easily. "So then is you or Loki that I have fallen for?"

I looks at me, his eyes having a mischievious gleam in them. There was another thing visible in them but i couldn't figure it out. Or maybe i have and don't want to give in to it. He starts to grin, showing his pearly whites and a shiver runs up my spine. 

"Why don't you decide. After all, Loki is a part of me." He had a good point. The characters he portrayed became a part of him. Was it the man or the character for which i had fallen? Let's face it. Tom is full of mischief much like his Asgardian counterpart. I have fallen for him. There I said it! I Lani Emily Hemworth have fallen for the one and only Thomas William Hiddleston. There. Happy now?

A/N: Hey guys! This story is almost 30 chapters long! How amazing is that? It is getting close to the end of this story though, I only plan for this story to have around 40 chapters..... Tell me what you thought of this chapter :)


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