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Red String {EDITING} by IllenisThorn
Red String {EDITING}by I.L. Thorn
Why was her hair red? Simple... Because she dyed it in the blood of her enemies. *** One mistake. That was all it took. Then Lyra was gone - fleeing back to the place sh...
Trapped by the Devil by theorphicwonder
Trapped by the Devilby Hannah Lynne
Highest ranking: #23 10/20/17 (undergoing editing currently) "Sweetheart, this is no dream, it's a nightmare." His voice comes out low, harsh, and...
The Get Along Shirt {Klance} ✔ by DaughterOfHades22
The Get Along Shirt {Klance} ✔by not v active boos</3
the 5 are done with Keith and Lances Fighting they put them in the dreaded get along shirt
73 Memories by HiddenAwayToday
73 Memoriesby holly
"You know those super cliche' stories where there's that bad boy who meets the good girl?" I nodded and you went on. "Well, I'm kind of like the bad boy...
Zodiac Signs by -e-uphoria
Zodiac Signsby DɌΞΔΜΞɌ
I decided to write this, since I love stars so much and just wanted to give this a try! Disclaimer: I get these from the Internet, I'm not smart enough to make these on...
Stray Cat (GirlxGirl) by Kuraion
Stray Cat (GirlxGirl)by Michael Chrápavý
[Volume 1 Published as print copy, Volume 2 Coming soon] "She looks so weak and fragile, how could anybody hurt this cute girl?" That is Brea's thought as she...
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How To Be A Good Boy? by nerdinspects
How To Be A Good Boy?by Anne Ancient
*Completed* What happens when bad boy, Finn approaches good girl, Aubrey and orders her to help him become good boy? The good girl finds herself falling for the bad boy...
TAME. ⌲ reddie by vintagehyuck
TAME. ⌲ reddieby - ̗̀ noki ̖́-
"Oh, darling, what we had wasn't real, or even close to real. I put my leg out and you tripped and fell for me. It was your mistake, not mine. And, sweetie pie, if...
Life After You | ✓ by introverttgirll
Life After You | ✓by 𝘛𝘪𝘧𝘧𝘢𝘯𝘺
"It's you, Landon." Meet 19 year old, Olivia Harper. Hopelessly in love with her boyfriend Landon Cavalier, Olivia is excited to start their new life together...
It's About Time by weirdestDream
It's About Timeby weirdestDream
You know it's funny that most of the times we don't realize that how much someone matters for us and how much we actually care for them until they are gone. Here...
The Catwalk by AmyMarieZ
The Catwalkby Amy Marie Z
Zoey knew there were stories about the catwalk. Everyone had stories about it. Things like that - dark, old, abandoned things like that - collected stories. They collect...
↳ the broken diaries ( under editing. ) by sadcookii3
↳ the broken diaries ( under red ²
We All Know That Society Could Be Very Mean To Us. Ruining Friendship, Being Insecure About Yourself, Not Being Good Enough, A Failure. And This All Comes From A Depress...
The Firefighter by ethanelliott28
The Firefighterby Ethan Elliott
20+ in Danger. 3 Floors. 1 Firefighter. When the firefighter opens the door to the apartment complex, smoke rushes towards his helmet. The building is old and the fire i...
Me and my Shadow | ✓ by introverttgirll
Me and my Shadow | ✓by 𝘛𝘪𝘧𝘧𝘢𝘯𝘺
Everyone has a shadow, and mine just so happens to be you. Cecilia Collins is sixteen years old and feels trapped. The shadow of her nonexistent father follows her every...
Broken rule (unedited) by bookishgals_
Broken rule (unedited)by 𝕸𝖎𝖈𝖍𝖊𝖑𝖑𝖊 🖤
I wish I could say this story had a happy ending, But this is not one of those. This is just the story of the dead girl and how I became dead. Here lies my secrets.
The secret story by nina578
The secret storyby Ninawriter
"At the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet".And so do I...Poems,rhymes. 1st place - The masquerade awards 2017
2:15 a.m. by curlyhairedchica
2:15 hope
Because Em is always up at 2:15, thinking about a certain brown-eyed boy who disappeared at that time two months ago... written in voicemails completed (cover by @sweate...
The Piano Man by ethanelliott28
The Piano Manby Ethan Elliott
The boy tapped his fingers on the desk and directed a disheartened stare towards the ground. He expected his day to consist of nothing more than being bullied. He didn't...
A Princess's Sword by warrior_srarhb
A Princess's Swordby warrior_srarhb
***2nd in Fantasy in the Athena Awards!*** ***3rd in Fantasy in the Blossom Awards!*** Ranked #7 in horseriding As the only daughter of the king, Arilina will become rul...