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I was awoken by the warm breeze coming through the slightly open window, a smile crossed my face as I looked at all the green trees and the blue sky that was outside. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to be living in L.A with all of my best friends and my boyfriend. I looked over to the other side of the bed and saw Luke's back facing me, I began to draw circles on his back with my finger, but he didn't wake up. Deciding that I should just leave him to sleep, I got up, put any old shirt on that was lying on the floor, slipped on some jogger bottoms and headed downstairs.

Put was completely empty downstairs, and it relaxed me as I listened to the chirping birds outside. I walked over to the patio doors and opened them wide, stepping out into the fresh morning air.

After five minutes of admiring the view of L.A, I walked back inside and fixed myself a bowl of coco pops, I then switched the TV on and curled up on the couch, I was watching Adventure Time while I intently ate my cereal.

It had been an hour since I started watching cartoons when Harper came down the stairs in one of Jai's football jerseys and she sat down next to me.

"What's the plans for today?" Harper asked, wrapping her arms around my neck.

"In all honesty I just want to have a lazy day," I shrugged.

"Come on Chrissy, don't be boring," she groaned.

"Harper, I've got a baby inside of me that's ready to pop out in a few weeks, I really can't be bothered trekking around in the blistering heat at the moment," I huffed.

"Well I'm planning on going out with Andrea, so if you change your mind, let me know," she said, nudging my shoulder and walking back upstairs. I didn't think I was gonna change my mind at all today.

Soon enough, everyone was downstairs, scattered around the house, eating breakfast and having banter, I could definitely get used to this every morning.

Luke came and sat down next to me with his guitar and began playing a song that I didn't recognise, but I listened anyway, he wasn't singing, he was just strumming the strings of his instrument.

"That was really good," I smiled as he set his guitar down, laying his head down on my lap as I began to play with his hair. I leaned down and pressed my lips gently on his nose. "I love you."

"I love you too," he whispered.

"Okay bitches, we're going out for a while," Andrea announced as Beau chucked her his car keys and kissed her in the lips.

"See you soon babe," he said to her before walking over to us and flopping down on the couch opposite us.

"What do you think they're going out for?" I asked as the front door slammed shut.

"I don't even know, probably shopping for furniture or some shit," Beau shrugged, scrolling through his phone.

It had been an hour since the girls left to go out, and finally they came back through the front door and sat down on the couch next to me.

"Look what we got!" Harper sang as she dumped a load of shopping bags on the floor. She began pulling out little dummies (pacifiers), and feeding bottles, blue all in one baby suits, tiny hats and gloves, rattles, and loads of other stuff that a baby would need.

"I was gonna buy all of this sooner to the birth date, you seriously didn't have to!" I exclaimed, a large grin on my face as I held up all the baby clothes. Luke came downstairs to see what all the fuss was about and when he saw what we were doing, his face lit up automatically.

"This is too cute!" he cooed as he held up a t-shirt that said "Daddies #1 Fan!"

"We figured that the baby is due to come in a few weeks, so we thought that we would do you a favour and buy this stuff for you, and you even said this morning that you couldn't be doing with walking round in the roasting heat so we gave you a little break," Harper smiled. "Oh, and we also bought little containers to put all the clothes in until you get a little wardrobe.

"Thank you so much guy, it means a lot," I giggled, pulling them both in for a hug.


Please tell me if I should post the first chapter of my Jai Brooks fanfic? It's called Distance and it's basically about Jai and this girl who meet online and the end up having an online relationship for months until she finally flies out to Melbourne and meets him:) I got my inspiration from a video I saw haha.

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