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- Okay so yeah tht first chapter sucked. I'll just say this is the real first chapter-

Emma POV 

I jumped out the window of my second story window and floated easily to the ground. So did my twin sister, Kathy. Why? Well we were sneaking out, trying to get past our drunk foster dad. We do this practically every night. Well I better tell you a little about myself. I'm 15. I have waist length blonde hair, green eyes and am 5'4. My sister and I are identical twins. Oh yeah, one more thing. Both of us are witches. Yes, spell casting, magical witches. We don't use wands, we can use our mind or our hands. It's actually pretty cool. We figured it out when we were aout 10. So we have pretty good control over our magic now. Anyway, we were running to the park by our house. When we got there we just sat on the swings for a while talking. My sister and I actually get along really well. We talked for a while. Then suddenly, a blue ball of light surrounded us. I grabbed Kathy's hand. Then we were lifted off the ground, the blue orb still surrounding us. I closed my eyes. The next thing I knew, we were slammed down to the ground. I opened my eyes and started to ask what happened, but then I saw that we weren't exactly in the park anymore. We were in the woods somewhere. I'm not sure where but I don't think were in Miami anymore...

"What just happened?" Kathy asked. She looked around in wonder. 

" Not exactly sure. Obviously we teleported somewhere. But where??" I replied. I looked around too.  

"Well, let's walk and find out where we are." Kath stated. So we started to walk. And walk. And walk. Finally, after what seemed like forever we came to a river. Just beyond it, we could see a large house, half made of glass. I got a strange feeling , so I waved my hand around mine and kathy's head. Now if we thought about anything to do with magic, no one would know. It sounds sorta crazy, but I have met mindreaders before. We can both read minds as well, but only when we want to. As we watched the house, 5 people came out.  

"Should we go up? Or stay and wait till they find us?" Kathy asked. 

"Umm let's go up there. It's only a matter of time before they find us, they probably know someones out here already, we were making so much noise." I decided. We walked up slowly. The 5 people were walking towards us. There were 4 boys and 1 girl. As we got closer I could see they were all extraordinarily beautiful. We met in the middle of the yard. I spoke first. "Uhh hi. We're kinda lost...Could you tell us where we are?" I asked hesitantly. 

"You are in Forks, Washington. My name is Dr. Carlise Cullen, and this is my son Edward and his wife Bella." he said gesturing to the bronzed haired boy and the brown-haired girl. "These are my other 2 sons, Jasper and Emmett." he finshed. Kathy, and I exchanged looks. Forks!? How are we gonna get home. Kathy talked to me in her mind. It;s a twin thing. Not even a mindreader culd hear what we were saying to each other. ** Em, I think were gonna have to stay here. We obviously came here for a reason. We probably can't leave until we well you could say "fufill our mission"** (A/N words in ** ** are Kathy's thoughts toEmma. words in * * are Emma to Kathy) *Hmm. good theory. that's probably right but what would be our mission?* ** I'm not sure. Maybe we can ask for a place to stay until we figure that out.** *Okay ask. But don't come right out and ask if we can stay here. Just ask if they know a place for us to stay.* 

"Umm okay. Hi. My name's Kathy, and this is my sister Emma. Uhh We're a little far away from home. Do you know anyplace we could stay?" Kathy said. 

"I'm sure we can figure something out. Please come in while we discuss it." Carlise said. We nodded and followed them inside. When we got inside we saw more beautiful people. Then I saw that they had gold eyes. Kathy I turned to each other ***VAMPIRES*** we both thought at the same time.  


okay so heres the real chapter 1. Disclaimer - I do not own Twilight. Stephanie Meyer does. Enjoy!

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