Alpha Sam crossed his arms and said, "We need proof, so we want you to head down to see Doctor Ian. He will examine you."

She bowed her head and said, "If that's what it takes for you both to believe me, so be it." The Alphas froze, stunned that she agreed. She slipped out the door mumbling, "What the hell?" Glen followed to make sure she went straight to the infirmary. In the infirmary, Doctor Ian tossed a gown at her. She said, "Thanks Doctor," then headed into a room. She stripped and sat on the exam table. When the doctor came in, Glen checked her over before the door was closed in his face.

She lies down and Doctor Ian grunted and asked, "So what happened Jadyn?"

"My sister was over the top angry at me," she said. "If it wasn't about my face, it was my hair, and then dress, everything about me stirred Kate to anger." She grunted and he injected her and she said, "I slept in a cave to get away from Kate." Jadyn was knocked out by the injection as intended, making the doctor grunt.

He examined her carefully and mind linked Alpha Sam saying, "Jadyn is still a virgin, she slept with no one." He injected her with a booster shot since she was skinny and another birth control as ordered to be given by Alpha Sam.


Once she was awake, Jadyn showered and dressed, then was taken back up to the office. Her wolf growled in her head and said, 'That was rude of them Jadyn, we were injected with a truth drug. I heard the doctor as he injected it muttering that it would last four hours.'

Glen grinned knowing she was injected as he wanted answers. He slowed her down and whispered, "So Jadyn, what positions do you prefer?"

She chuckled and asked, "What the hell Glen?"

He whispered, "You and Evan, what position did he take you in? Were you both in wolf form?"

She stopped and he leaned over and she whispered, "Only in your wildest sexual fantasies, Glen." She snapped her lips shut and moved fast to get away before she blurted anything out.

She walked into the office, not knocking as Glen groaned out, "Come back here." She closed the door winking at him.

She stood before the desk and said, "So Alpha Sam, I guess you still don't believe me."

He grunted and said, "Now Jadyn, we want answers, you are so secretive." She took a seat as Glen came in and closed the door. She pulled up her legs and crossed them, then placed her arms out straight to hold onto the seat in front of her.

"I'm getting no replies to my questions I guess, so go for it Alpha Sam, just know that I have done nothing wrong and am being treated as though I was already cast as guilty," she said.

He grunted and said, "No one said you were guilty Jadyn."

She raised her head and said, "By your actions here today, I would say otherwise. So go on, we will start by me saying I know I was injected with a truth drug that will last approximately four hours."

Glen grinned and dropped in front of her and asked, "So Jadyn, you and Evan, you were seen together kissing and groping at first, then walked off hand in hand as you disappeared together."

"Lies, I have never kissed nor have I groped Evan. At no time has that ever happened," Jadyn said.

Alpha Sam moved Glen and said, "Jadyn, you're still a virgin?"

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