the breakup

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I was never one for optimism but as I stood there in front of my floor-length mirror, I realized how lucky I was. 

I was wearing a beautiful floor-length royal blue dress that hugged my curves perfectly. My long, dirty blonde hair was in curls that hung loose down my back. I felt beautiful and I knew this night was going to be amazing. 

It was the Friday before the last day of school and I had just finished getting ready for the junior prom when the doorbell rang. I quickly grabbed my purse and threw in my lipgloss and phone before heading out the door and down the stairs. 

"Lana, there you are! You shouldn't keep the poor boy waiting," my mother said. 

I walked down the stairs, entering the foyer. My mother was standing in the doorway to the living room, smiling. When I noticed the camera in her hands, my face scrunched up in discomfort. 

"Oh, no. Mom, please don't take a million pictures again," I pleaded. 

"Fine, but you're not getting away so easily," my mom said. I chuckled, typical mom. 

I looked over to where Tyler was standing and I smiled, feeling excited. It had been two years since we started dating but he still gave me butterflies every time our eyes met. 

"You look beautiful," Tyler said as I walked over to stand next to him. He leaned down and turned his face to whisper in my ear, "I'm so lucky to have such a gorgeous date." 

I felt my cheeks begin to get warm and I knew I was blushing. "Ty, stop! You're making me blush," I said with a wide smile. 

"Alright you two, time for some pictures!" My mom said with excitement. 

Tyler squeezed my hand, trying to comfort me. He knew how much I didn't like taking pictures. Don't get me wrong, I was so happy to be there with Ty but I always felt uncomfortable with the attention being on me. 

My mom moved us into various poses, clearly having planned this out already. I knew she missed out on doing this with my brother because he was going solo, again. Tyler leaned over and whispered in my ear.

"Hey babe, I love you," he whispered, causing me to smile.

"Oh! That's adorable!" My mom exclaimed, causing my face to flush with embarrassment. 

"Mom, can we go now?" I asked. 

"Fine," she said, giving up. 

She walked over to the front door and opened it for us. "You two have fun!"

Tyler grabbed my hand and smiled. "Thanks, Mrs. Manning. I think it will be a lot of fun." 

It was 6pm and the prom started at 6:30pm, so we headed out the door. We walked hand-in-hand down the front steps and over to Tyler's car. Like a gentleman, he opened my door for me and let me in before going to his side to get in the car. 

Tyler started the car and pulled out of the driveway, heading down the main road to the high school where our junior prom was being held. It wasn't a far ride but it felt like forever because I was feeling so anxious. 

I was so excited to have a great night with Ty. I felt beautiful and I was feeling confident in myself, which made me even more excited. I wasn't used to feeling this free and comfortable in my appearance. I wasn't ugly but I knew I wasn't drop-dead gorgeous like some of the girls I went to school with. Normally, I would be feeling self-conscious but when I saw Ty look at me, all of my insecurities disappeared. I couldn't wait to just show up and have a good time without having to worry about my insecurities. 

When I saw the high school down the block, I smiled. Tyler pulled into the parking lot and parked the car near the entrance. The lot was pretty crowded but Tyler basically had his own spot in the parking lot. The perks of being a captain on the football team.  

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