Chapter 24 The Interview

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Spencer’s POV

Today I had the day off, and I was going to stay in bed in my PJ’s and watch films and then later Niall’s interview unless I was still watching a movie, I decided to text Lulu.

To Lulu: Hey doll, want to come over for a movie day, I got the day off because of court yesterday and I need my lulu to watch movies with plz????? Xoxo

 From Lulu: I’m on my way, c u in a bit

To Lulu: K loves you Lu xoxo

I got out of bed and went downstairs to grab some DVDs and food well junk really, Ni would love it but oh well he had an interview and I needed girl time.

About fithteen minutes later there was a knock at the door so I ran downstairs to get it.

“Hello my bitch!” I greeted Lulu who just burst out laughing.

“Hi Spence,” She managed to get out in between bursts of giggles.

“You coming in then?” I asked.

“Hell yer we got a movie marathon to get on with.”

“That we do my friend, were up in my room.” I told her and we went up.

“Spence what times Ni’s interview?” She asked.

“It starts at about half four I told him that if we weren’t watching a movie we’d watch it but I really do want to watch it so at half four were going to turn whatever we’re watching off and watch his interview.” I told her sternly hey I didn’t want to miss it, it’s their first interview over here in a few months and I haven’t actually watched any.

 “Yer that’s fine, I want to watch it to.” She smiled at me.

“Ok well what should we watch first, I suggest Grown ups because it’s amazing!” I was jumping up and down with excitement.

“YES, let’s watch it, put it on bitch!” She shouted at me and I just laughed.

But I did go and set it up.

“Let the movie marathon begin!”

Niall’s POV

She was having a girls day with Lu, I was happy that they gave her today off at least she can relax and forget all about it.

I wish I was there though just so that I could make sure she was ok, but I couldn’t they had us prepping for the interview.

“Niall come on we have to get to the studio!” Liam shouted at me.

“I’m coming!” I shouted back.

I got up off the chair I was sat on grabbed my phone and my key’s and left my hotel room.

It was about a half hour drive to the studio so I sat there playing on my phone; I decided to have a look at twitter.

@Spence_324 Nice girly day with my best girl friend @Miss_Lulu_Jones movie marathon PARTY!!! #partytime

I smiled when I read that glad that she was ok and having fun.

@NiallOffical Off to the studio to prep for the interview hope you guys all tune in Late Late Show

I hit send and then started another one.

@NiallOffical to @Spence_324 Hope you have fun today wish I was with you don’t eat all the food I’ll be over for some later

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