Chapter 34 Phone Call and an Interview

I woke up to my phone ringing.

“Ughhh,” I groaned as I rolled over to answer it.

“Hi Spencer,” Chris answered well he seemed happy.

“Hi Chris,” I mumbled still kind of asleep.

“I have some amazing news for you,” he replied.

“What,” I asked.

“You are going to Australia with the boys after the US!” he told me.

“OH MY GOD!” I screamed.

“Guessing you’re excited then.” He laughed.

“Of course I am eppppp!” I screamed.

“Well that’s why I called so um bye Spencer,” he muttered still laughing at you slightly.

“Ok thanks Chris bye,” I smiled before hanging up.

I put my phone back on the bedside table and turned to face I still fast asleep adorable looking Niall.

“NI WAKE UP!” I shouted poking his face.

“No Spence five more minutes,” he muttered rolling over.

So I decided to sit on him and continue to poke.

“Wake up Ni,” I whined.

“I’m awake now what is it?” he asked sitting up slightly so he could see me clearly.

“Guess who’s going to Australia?” I asked in a really board voice.

“Uhhh....” he mumbled not able to speak normally because he was half awake.

“I AM!” I screamed bouncing up and down again as I watched his eyes widen.

“Oh my god Spence that’s amazing but when are you going exactly?” He asked I may have forgotten to mention that I was going with him.

“Well I’m going with these boys that I’m going to the US with,” I explained.

I could his eyes light up with excitement.

“Oh my god Spence this is amazing!” He was just as excited as me.

“We should get up and go tell the boys,” I suggested.

“To right we should,” he smiled as we both climbed out of bed.

We quickly had our showers and got dressed me taking longer because I had to do my hair and makeup, while I did that Ni went and got started with making breakfast, I could smell the bacon wafting down the hall. I finished getting ready then made my way down to where he was stood with his back to me frying some bacon. I walked over to him and snaked my arms round his waist leaning my head against his back.

“It smells so good Ni,” I commented.

“Good, now be a good girl and go sit down,” he kind of demanded but it was more like a suggestion, I don’t know, anyway I went and sat down.

We talked about what we were going to do in our free time in Australia I wanted to go surfing and to a zoo and hold a koala bear and to see a kangaroo he wanted to do the same which was a good thing at least.

Then he finally finished with the food and carried the two plates over to the table and placed the warm, delicious looking food in front of me.

“This looks amazing Ni,” I smiled.

“Thanks babe now eat up before it gets cold,” he said before digging into his own.

I quickly began to devour the food on my plate; I had no idea that he was such a good cook as I was usually the one doing all the cooking when I was with him.

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