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Hey beautiful reader! I'm pretty excited to have you here at the beginning of the journey, and to hear your thoughts along the way.

Loretta's story deals with themes of trust and redemption, death and loss, and love and failure, with para-and-normal characters in a setting that is a crossover between magic realism and high fantasy. Phwoar! That was a big sentence....

A note on cautions. Heads up that young people occasionally use terrible language, duh 🙄. As do 95% of adults, at least, I'm sure. So I kept it real — there are a handful of mildly bad words in Loretta's tale.

Later in the story there will be some violence and death, and sexual themes. Based upon today's publishing industry and pre-reader feedback, the content is inline with a Young Adult audience.

Now I'll shut up, and let you enjoy the tale....

With love, from this side of darkness, me x

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