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Fit to be Queen [Sinbad x OC] by KotaKuraiyoru
Fit to be Queen [Sinbad x OC]by Kota
The phrase "keep your enemies close" is one the King of Sindria - untamed and proud - embraces when a skilled assassin chooses him as her next target. She want...
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In such an Enchanting World (Magi Fanfic) by Misetsuki
In such an Enchanting World ( ミセツキ
『 ...Before Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana get out from the Amon Dungeon, it was a child that shows up out of nowhere. That is how the little girl's enlivening journey w...
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Djinn (A Destiel Fanfic) by KittyHazelnut
Djinn (A Destiel Fanfic)by KittyHazelnut
In here, Castiel is loved. Out there, Castiel is expendable. So why would he ever leave?
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Blood + Tears (all 15) by Azallya
Blood + Tears (all 15)by Azallya
Arcadia is a kingdom where shifters are everywhere. Everyone has an animal form, but everyone thinks that little Sang Sorenson doesn't have an animal form. Her inability...
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Magi Oneshots [Requests Are CLOSED] by mintashti
Magi Oneshots [Requests Are CLOSED]by 🔱Mintashti🔱
A oneshot book of Magi for you readers. The first few stories are sucky in my opinion since I only wrote them when I was 11. But I'm sure my writing slowly gets better i...
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Finding An Angel - Gabriel x Reader by elysium_is_real
Finding An Angel - Gabriel x Readerby Saeva
Most people don't really have a guardian angel, especially not one of the big four. Guess you're special, eh? Throw in the Winchester's and a few more angels, it can get...
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Blood and Tears (all 9) by Azallya
Blood and Tears (all 9)by Azallya
Arcadia is a kingdom where shifters are everywhere. Everyone has an animal form, but everyone thinks that Sang Sorenson doesn't have an animal form. Her inability to tra...
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Fαƚҽ ƈαɳ Ⴆҽ ƈԋαɳɠҽԃ (Mαɠι FF) by kpopxanimefan1234
Fαƚҽ ƈαɳ Ⴆҽ ƈԋαɳɠҽԃ (Mαɠι FF)by 티나
𝐀𝐫𝐜 𝐎𝐧𝐞: 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐁𝐞𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠 ✅ "Hakuyuu-sama, Hakuren-sama." "The Great Princess, I welcome you." "I will stay by your sides no matt...
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As You Wish (discontinued) by burgundybear
As You Wish (discontinued)by burgundybear
When somebody says the word 'genie', you think about an old guy with a turban and balloon pants that comes out of a lamp and grants you wishes, right? Also, he only exis...
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Claimed by the Desert by Katrina_Crane
Claimed by the Desertby Katrina
Vera is a young archaeologist with a determination to prove herself in the field. While on a dig with her father, they happen to stumble across an ancient ruin that rele...
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Morgiana's sister. (Hakuryuu X OC) by ashdarkangel
Morgiana's sister. (Hakuryuu X OC)by ashdarkangel
An unnamed girl who possess great magic and incredible strength meets Aladdin and his friends while they're on a job. She is Morgiana's sister but she has no name, so th...
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More Than Bargained For {{A Fairy Tail/Magi Cross-Over}} by minicchichin
More Than Bargained For {{A mini
Now at the age of eighteen, Elisha is given a job by Makarov himself. Master Bob has requested help in finding out more about a mysterious tower that has appeared in the...
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Just Friends? (Sam Winchester × Reader) Supernatural Season One by book_lover1155
Just Friends? (Sam Winchester × book_lover1155
#2 winchesters #1 samwinchester×reader #4 sammywinchester When you met Sam at Stanford, you knew your life would be filled with friendship and support. But you're pulle...
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The Emperor's Bride I: The Scarlet Empress by Miss_Trinityyy
The Emperor's Bride I: The 하나 김
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The Djinn of Cramer's Creek by jndixon2
The Djinn of Cramer's Creekby Nichole
Cramer's Creek, Arizona, 1877. ~ The Djinn are dying. Their ancient race, once immortal and powerful, is weakening in its magic and they are becoming more and more huma...
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The Suffering [A Supernatural FanFic] by KatyNicole143
The Suffering [A Supernatural K∆t¥™
While Katy assumed she was just an everyday College student, she was far from it. Katy, was more then her wildest dreams could cover, well that was until she realized, h...
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More Than Friends - Supernatural Season 2 ( Sam Winchester × Reader) by book_lover1155
More Than Friends - Supernatural book_lover1155
Supernatural Season Two The second book in the 'Just Friends' series, Sam Winchester × Reader. After your parents' mysterious deaths, you're trying your best to deny the...
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Jaune Arc, Sinbad Reincarnate (On Hold) by Striker777
Jaune Arc, Sinbad Reincarnate ( Striker777
Jaune was always weak, but when he has the chance to prove to his father that he isn't, he jumps at the opportunity. Even if it means conquering the same seven dungeons...
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The Last One •A Ninjago Fanfiction• by chxcolatexmxlk
The Last One •A Ninjago Fanfiction•by chxcolatexmxlk
Someone found the tea pot of tryhan, and now Nadakhan is back - and on the hunt for Nya. Only Jay and Nya know what's happening, and they have to tell the others before...
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Guidance of a Sorcerer (Black Clover X Male Reader) by Sparky24q
Guidance of a Sorcerer (Black Sparky24q
In a world where magic is everything and beings of myth evading the view of humans, there are people who are known are over the world for their extraordinary power. Magi...
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