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Pleated blasphemy by JannatNazir
Pleated blasphemyby JannatNazir
"We were both broken glasses, how could we have touched each other without bleeding?", Shroud ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We were both unfinished storie...
One Thousand and One Nights (It so happened...)  by Sugarcandy6
One Thousand and One Nights (It Sugarcandy6
Once there lived a King who was heartless, who left a trail of broken hearts and he found a gem, a concubine who was adamant to prove that she could entertain him withou...
Everything wrong with Disney by _anyarchy_
Everything wrong with Disneyby SEMI-HIATUS
This book is basically everything wrong with Disney movies that are based on your favorite stories (Maybe) This book will include but not limited to (insert dramatic pau...
Fair Trade (Sequel to "Read Between The Lines") by KartheyM
Fair Trade (Sequel to "Read KartheyM
A year or so after Nick's encounter with a never-before-seen Wesen... Juliette and Nick are engaged and in the thick of wedding planning. Meanwhile, the Royals are willi...
Arabian Nights - Yami Yugi x OC  by kalyn_kaz
Arabian Nights - Yami Yugi x OC by Kalyn Kaswell
Princess Zariah doesn't want to get married. Even though the young, handsome Egyptian priest her father King Ali chose isn't the worst she could do, she'd still rather b...
On Arabian Nights ✓ by scarlettlantsov
On Arabian Nights ✓by arlo, maybe
[bxg] Scheherazade is the most ruthless queen Samarkand has ever seen; She takes a new husband each night, only to behead him in the morning. But when Tahir begins to te...
The Opal and The Genie by LoweFantasy
The Opal and The Genieby LoweFantasy
Princess Kyanna is in love with a knight-to-be, Jeremy. But her father, the King, marries her off to the war hero, Einar Berkinly, as a reward for saving the kingdom. Ru...
Chinese Nights by devil_number3
Chinese Nightsby 🅂🄸🄴🄽🄽🄰
Arabian Nights but Word of Honor/Faraway Wanderers Plot is not mine, however, the book of Arabian Nights I have isn't much so I'll add some of my own plot in within Abo...
Desert Moon by EdgemoonPR
Desert Moonby Edge
A Jinni Princess answers to no one, does what she likes. A Peasant boy obeys his family, does what he's told. When a Jinni Princess is stranded in the middle of nowhere...
Midnights | #anbonus by quillsandquiffs
Midnights | #anbonusby sam-sam
My entry for the Arabian Nights Bonus Chapter Challenge
ARISTA DOES NOT like monsters or dragons, but sometimes to slay a monster, you have to embrace your inner monster. In this modern day retelling of A Thousand and One Ni...
ZAYN & LALEH: THE FIRST YEAR CHALLENGE Hi loves, here is my bonus chapter for the challenge from @simonesaidwhat's story "ARABIAN NIGHTS". If you want to read...
Arabian Love #ANBonus by vasilissaElisavet
Arabian Love #ANBonusby vasilissaElisavet
A Bonus Chapter of Arabian Nights written by Simone Shirazi that describes the continuation of Zayn and Laleh's tale.
After Gold by joeyness_
After Goldby • jo •
ROYALTY is the shade after gold.
Arabian Sunsets by speciality13
Arabian Sunsetsby 💗 Charlie 💗
"You taunt me. Surely you do not believe a tale will be able to capture my interest." In which a slave girl, in exchange for her life, shares her vast knowledg...
Dead Girls Tell No Tales by kaloned
Dead Girls Tell No Talesby asha
[ WATTYS '18 LONG-LISTED ] ❝ I have slit throats far more beautiful than yours.❞ In which a thousand brides have fallen, and she is the last, so she spins a tale as old...
NIGHTS: #ANBONUS by bobam1beaux
My snippets of the relationship of Laleh and Zayn Arabian nights by Simone Shirazi
Princess Kaileena by Queennicoleboss
Princess Kaileenaby Nicole Kennedy
I only own Princess Kaileena
Legends of Badal'Shari - The Color of Tears [slash] by Arcaniel
Legends of Badal'Shari - The Neko / Julia Rosenthal
A one-shot taking place in the world of Badal'Shari: Kavarim Di'Uzra, proud commander of the elite soldiers of Al'Menara, is brought to the healers of the temple of Ada...