Part Six ~ Tier's POV

     I was in my office reading the new territory reports when the doors burst open. I looked up to see Maks, my best friend and Beta, out of breath. I stood up.

     "Prince, we have breach on the Western edge." He said once he regained his breath. This got my attention.

     "Do we know what, who, how many?" I asked, all business. Breach in the territory was big if it were rouges, Strigoi, or Felinis Shifris. I would not let my pack become weak or in danger.

     " Human, unknown, and one." He answered. "She is unconsciousness. It appears to be beaten." He answered, voice full of pity.

     "Take me to see her." I told him. He nodded and motioned for me to follow. We stripped and shifted, carrying our clothes in our mouthes. Maks is a sandy wolf with white dipped paws. My wolf is sliver with black on my back left paw. we ran for about 10 minutes when her scent came to me. 

     Lacey. She smelled like vanilla, strawberries, and lavender. It was mouthwatering and I could never get enough of it. But there was a coppery twist. Blood. A rumpled figure came into view. It was Lacey.

     I shifted back to mu human form and ran to her side. She was breathing barely and her pulse was weak. She was covered in whippings and scratches and bites. She looked like she just passed through hell.

   'We will kill whoever mess with Mate!' my wolf growled in pure rage. His throaty voice filled my head. I agreed with him, whoever had inflicted her with this much pain would pay.

     Maks came closer in his wolf form. I growled at him and brought Lacey closer to my chest. His eyes widened.

      'Luna?' He asked in awe through mind speak. I nodded. Lacey stirred in my hands and let out a small whimper. It cut straight to my heart. I picked her up and ran in inhuman speed to the pack house. 

     I burst through the doors, ignoring the people inside. I ran to the pack doctors room and bursted through. Doc flinched but quickly regained composer once her saw me. I looked at him and whispered "Fix her."

     He looked at Lacey in my arms and his eyes got bigger. 'Princess. Luna. Alpha Female?' He asked through mind speak. I nodded and he quickly got his tools and medicine out.

     "Put her on the table." He ordered me. I gently put her on the surgical table and watched Doc take off her shirt.

     My wolf growled and I screamed "What the hell are you doing?!" At him. He seemed unfazed. " I am taking off her clothes to clean and inspect my Luna." He replied calmly. I just nodded. He finished taking her shirt off and then took off her jeans. I was horrified at what I saw. 

     Her beautiful body was red and raw. Dried blood coated her. Scars upon scars covered her. Doc winced at the sight and I was about ready to murder someone. I hears gasps behind me and turned. I saw Spur, Zahn, Maks, Dominic, and Dimitri. They all were staring at my mate in horror.

     My wolf howled in rage and protectiveness. He didn't like our mate being gazed on by other males, and her certainly didn't like it when she was in her vulnerable state. She whimpered and I looked at Doc cleaning her wounds gently. I took her hand and kneel at her side, wishing I could take the pain away.

     Doc saw Spur and ordered her to get clothes for Lacey. She ran quickly from the doorway. I saw my brother and best friends looking at her in awe and wonder. I knew that they were just feeling the Bond of the Luna beginning to form, but I did not like the way they looked at her. 

   'She is MINE! I do NOT share!!!" my wolf told me. I reassured him it was only the Luna Bond forming, but he still didn't  like it. Doc sighed and finished cleaning her. He took out a vial and a needle. He quickly gave her the shot. I looked at him with a quizzical look. He explained that it would help numb the pain and help her sleep.

     I looked down at the beautiful creature that was my mate. Her brunette hair was splayed around her head, making her look like an angel. Her body was lean now, revealing a her beautiful curves. Her full lips were a sweet pink and her pale face was creamy and soft.

     I saw Spur come in with clothes in her hands. She gently put my princess in one of my shirts. I lifted my Lacey and took her to my room. I set her little form on my bed and pulled the covers over her. She looked like a sleeping angel. I lied down next to her and fell asleep.


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