After The Ink (revised) by The_Dreamer_10
After The Ink (revised)by B.D. Fresquez
[Revised Version] [ONGOING] Lacey Evans seems to have it all: parents who love her, a best friend who is always there for her, and a boyfriend who might be the one. Then...
  • complicated
  • love
  • badboy
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Disney zombies 2 by Zaddison
Disney zombies 2by ❤Megan❤
Now that zombies are now accepted in Seabrook Addison and Zed have the perfect lives Bucky still has a secret crush on Eliza so does Eliza but when bucky tells eliza th...
  • disneyzombies2
  • stacey
  • dale
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Alphas Baby(#wattys2016) by MagicTurtleRainbow5
Alphas Baby(#wattys2016)by MagicTurtleRainbow5
In this hot new arrival on wattpad, will love be able to conquer all? Jake and Lacey have to fight to stay together, will the birth of there son fix it? Elijah-james is...
  • baby
  • friends
  • hate
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Disney Zombies: Instagram and Texts *On Hold* by TheTacoBoss1
Disney Zombies: Instagram and TheTacoBoss1
basically what the title says...
  • zoey
  • bonzo
  • zed
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Language Barrier  by love_is_love32
Language Barrier by Leahana Henning
She thought that all zombies were vicious creatures only after brains. Well according to her family and friends they were. Deep down she knew that they were wrong but ho...
  • disneymovies
  • eliza
  • lacey
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My Twin Brother (Spinoff to My Twin Teachers) | ✔ by Flying_Free123
My Twin Brother (Spinoff to My D R E A M B I G
He watched his twin brother lay helplessly on the floor, bruised and broken. It hurt him to know he wasn't there to help him, to protect him. "You monster!" H...
  • brother
  • protect
  • kaiden
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What? //colby brock instagram by liveylovey222
What? //colby brock instagramby liveylovey222
Colbybrock has followed LaceyLux LaceyLux has followed Colbybrock
  • lacey
  • media
  • colbybrock
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Seabrook | Disney's Z-O-M-B-I-E-S Series Season 1 by Zeddison
Seabrook | Disney's Zeddison
*Continuation Of Disney's Z-O-M-B-I-E-S* You've met the Poms & the Zoms, now meet the rest of SeaBrook. Note that this is a SHOW, the series that Zombies rightfully des...
  • milomanheim
  • myyear
  • zed
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imagines ✦zombies  by -alanaxtozier-
imagines ✦zombies by ❀ ᖇIᑕᕼIE T. ❀
I haven't seen many zombies books, so I wanted to make one :)))) I hope you guys enjoy my cringe mess.
  • stacey
  • zaddison
  • ships
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Try me world! by SarahLIKESstuff
Try me world!by SarahLIKESstuff
Lacey Williams has a good life until her brother comes to town after he made a big mistake.Her whole life changes the week before he comes home.After she survives her br...
  • ugh
  • comedy
  • lacey
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Impossible by Geekgirl268
Impossibleby Geekgirl268
Now that zombies have been successfully and fully integrated into the rest of Seabrook, the small, picturesque town seems finally at peace, allowing our favourite Poms a...
  • disneychanel
  • seabrook
  • zeddison
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The Adventures of Girl Danger by jacenorman501
The Adventures of Girl Dangerby Secret Girlll
When her mom kicks her out, Lacey Perkins moves to Swellview and immediately attracts the attention of the heroes known as Captain Man and Kid Danger. How much can one i...
  • nickelodeon
  • superpowers
  • fanfiction
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The Bad Boy Saved Me by Onlyme16
The Bad Boy Saved Meby Kelsey
Beautiful Lacey Winters gets abused by her father and her older brother. Her father murdered her mother right before her eyes. Jace, also known as the bad boy, is best...
  • lacey
  • saved
  • violence
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Tell Me You Love Me {Bucky & Eliza} *Completed* by TheTacoBoss1
Tell Me You Love Me {Bucky & TheTacoBoss1
Bucky asked Eliza to the Dance to tell her his emotions for her, but when something happens, it never happens, but when it does, they end up together. Meanwhile, Eliza w...
  • eliza
  • tracey
  • bucky
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Disney ZOMBIES - Boundaries (Zed X Reader) by XxGirl_Gamer15xX
Disney ZOMBIES - Boundaries (Zed ×Eraser×
You're new to Seabrook and you noticed something, why is there a boundary that splits the school. And you also did saw the same boundary wall near your house, and it say...
  • lacey
  • disneyzombies
  • bree
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What The Heart Remembers - The Heart #2 by ReganUre
What The Heart Remembers - The Regan Ure
Finding true love happens once in a lifetime. I found it, I touched it and I breathed it. For a brief moment in time I held the girl I loved in my arms. But her memories...
  • rebel
  • lacey
  • heartbreaker
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this is the beat of my heart by fistitout
this is the beat of my heartby fist-it-out
Sometimes, love is the only solution. Other times, love is the problem. When you're in love with a zombie, it's bigger than just 'a problem'. A story about life together...
  • bree
  • disneyfanfic
  • zaddison
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loving bad • jjk (re-editing) by CalLorSyl
loving bad • jjk (re-editing)by violethical
doesn't mean im a bad guy I can't feel love. used to be wanted [re-editing in progress]
  • jimin
  • taehyung
  • suga
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Frayed||Jordan Parrish by BansheeTerritory
Frayed||Jordan Parrishby ♕Queen♕
Season 5 "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process they do not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze...
  • fanfiction
  • teen
  • thedoctorsarecoming
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Twinz(TWILIGHT FANFIC) by enchantedwriter98
Twinz(TWILIGHT FANFIC)by The Enchanted Writer
Lacey Rose Cullen.The unexpected child. Unlike most other stories you might've heard,Renesmee and Lacey were the best of friends.Everything was amazing growing up. And t...
  • halfhumanhalfvampire
  • vampire
  • lacey
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