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Masumi’s point of view

It was pouring with rain, I could hear it on the roof of the prison as I finished my sentence. I smiled up at the prison guard; the tears had finally stopped as he looked at me.

“Well, you’re certainly knowledgeable. A good little girl…”

“S-so you won’t hurt me?”

He never answered, just turned to face me. My eyes widened as he walked over to me, I couldn’t move anywhere, of course he wouldn’t keep his word, how could I have been so stupid as to even trust him?

“You be a good girl and I won’t cause you too much pain, got it?”

I screamed loudly, trying to kick him away from me. He grabbed my legs, forcing them apart, I screeched again, my eyes widening in shock as the necklace I was wearing suddenly shone brightly. Eva sat down next to me, wrapping her arms around me protectively before kissing my head softly. The necklace… Summoned… Spirits of protection?

“What the fuck? A guardian angel?”

Eva gently stroked my hair as she hummed a lullaby to me, rocking me gently as the prison guard attempted to grab me again, a force throwing him back into the wall. No one could touch me Eva was protecting me… But… How?

“The necklace, Masumi…” She started, her tone so soft, so gentle and extremely quiet so only I could hear her. I smiled as I rested my head on her shoulder, closing my eyes as I relaxed, I felt safe. So very safe with her. “It belonged to me… Sparda gave it to me… When I was killed, it was taken from me but a hunter found it and sold it to that shop… I knew that you would want it and no one else… Because you have to have a certain taste for it.”

“How are you protecting me?”

“He had it enchanted for me, saying when I was in danger, the wearer, it would bring a guardian angel forward to protect me… Sparda was my guardian angel… I am yours.”

She sung softy to me, the necklace I was wearing belonged to Dante’s mother, she was my guardian angel while I was here in this world, no wonder I could see her and talk to her. Was it also because Dante protected me? Did she want to protect me because I was important to her only living son? Most likely but that didn’t bother me, I closed my eyes, feeling calm enough to sleep. He wouldn’t try anything, not again. I whispered one last word as Eva rocked me, watching the prison guard intently.


Dante’s point of view

My eyes widened, my heart suddenly ached as I moved my hand over my chest where my heart was, what was that all about? Masumi… She must have been safe. A smile grew on my lips as I spoke to the man in the cell next to me. It was him, the conversation we had proved it.

“I’m here because someone out there believes you’re innocent.”

“It doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter at all because you and I are going to be killed at any moment now.”

“Oh? Well how about you give me the real story, so I’ll have something to think about on the way to the other side.”

“I’ve told this story so many times but no one has ever believed me when I told them the truth, who can blame them? Like anyone was going to believe a demon was responsible.”

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