I didnt let her do anything!

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I hear a loud knock on my door. I barely open my eyes to see the clock. It was 8:30 am. I groan.
"What do you want." I tell. I hear my door click open. Yeah just come on in I mentally roll my eyes. I have the cover pulled over my head refusing to face the day.
"Hey I'm going to go meet Simon you want to come with me." I pull the covers down to give her a perplexed look.
"Just because I helped you one time doesn't mean we are friends now." I say huffing at the red head and pulling the covers back over my head. I hear her huff and the door close. I smile and snuggle into my blankets.

I slowly open my eyes again and look over at the clock. It was 12:30 happy with how much sleep I got. I stretched until my back popped and pulled myself up out of my. I threw my hair into a messy bun that actually turned out cute and walked out of my door. The halls wear warm which was comforting. I slowly walked to the kitchen. When I reached the swinging door of the kitchen my stomach growls. I laugh and push the door open. I grab a pan and turn the burner on. I go to the fridge and grab to eggs,chives,and ham. I chop the chives and ham up to make an omelette. As soon as I have everything thing put together and on a plate I grab a fork and a glass and fill it with water. I sit down at the bar I go to take my first bite when the kitchen door slams open and I'm walks Alec,Izzy,and Jace all with worried expressions on their faces. Well Alec actually looked more annoyed.
"Have you seen Clary?" Jace practically yells at me. I wince at how loud he was being. I am slow to wake up.
"She came to my room this morning she said something about going to go meet Simon." I say not interested.
"And you just let her leave!" He yells.
"I didn't know I was supposed to be babysitting her." I say taking a bite of my omelette.
"Rose this is serious I can't believe you let her leave and now she is missing."
"I didn't LET her do anything." I yell back.
"Well this is great now we have to find these two mundane again." Alec says rolling his eyes. My mood exactly. I take one last look at my omelette and contemplate staying and eating it instead of helping, but Izzy doesn't give me a choice and grabs my hand and drags me along with her.

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