Chapter 2

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I try to move but I am held captive in two strong arms and then last nights events come flooding back. It felt good laying here with him his warmth conferring my nerves from my nightmares. I know it may sound silly but I never have nightmares when I sleep with Jace or when he sleeps with me. I didn't wanna open my eyes but I felt a pair of eyes on me. I just smile while keeping my eyes closed not ready to face the day. I feel Jace stretch but keeping me pressed against his chest. I try to squirm out of his hold but fail.
"Jace I need to get up before Izzy comes in here and finds us like this." I say.
"So let her come find us like this I don't mind." This statement makes me open my eyes and raise an eyebrow at him. He just lets out a laugh.
"I just don't wanna hurt your reputation." I say in all seriousness. At this he huffs and lets me go. I lean up and go to get out of the bed. He grabs my wrist with a firm grip.
"Is that really how you see me?" He asks almost looking hurt.
"Jace it's not secret that you have girls that are wrapped around your finger. And I just don't want a part of that." I say sighing. He just scoffs and walks out of the room leaving me speechless.
I push myself off his bed and walk to my room which is only a few doors down from Jace's room. I go straight to the bathroom and hop in the shower taking extra time in the hot water. Once I get out I put on my black leather pants, a low cut red tank top, black leather jacket,and my matte doc martens. I pull my hair up into a high pony and walk down to the ops part of the institute.
As soon as I walk in, Alec who is practically my older brother carelessly throws his arm over my shoulder.
"Good morning, sleep okay?" He eyes me suspiciously. I know immediately what he means, he is talking about my nightmares. I just shake my head and look down. I look up to see Jace looking at us with a tablet in his hands.
"Hey do y'all know where Izzy is?" He asks walking over before I can reply in walks Izzy in all her glory.
"Sorry I'm late I was preoccupied." She says smirking.
"Merlon.cough.cough." I say which gets a laugh out of Alec and two eye rolls from Izzy and Jace.
"So what's with the tablet?" I question.
"It's our next mission. Someone has been selling sellie blood. We need to find out who is selling it and why." Jace says in his I'm in charge voice.
"Why are they selling sellie blood?" Izzy asks the question I was also thinking.
"Because sellie blood gets you high but last longer than mundane drugs."
"So where are we going?" I ask with high hopes.
"Pandemonium." Jace fills me in.
"We are going to the downworlders rav?" I ask.
"Yes how did you know that?" Alec asks.
"I may have been invited and was planning on going." I say quickly.
"Who invited you?" Izzy asks.
"The hot vampire? What where you doing with him." Izzy asks getting curious.
"Walking." I say. It wasn't a lie but it wasn't the whole truth. Izzy just raises an eyebrow at me. I just roll my eyes in response.
"Well we have to go meet our mother." Izzy says with a sad expression while sharing a look with Alec. I feel him sink down more into me with his arm still remaining on my shoulder. I just turned and hugged him.
"It's gonna be alright you guys always make it through her family meetings." I tell him trying to give him a pep talk. He just hugs me tighter and sighs before letting me go.
I watch as him and Izzy walk out the front door to meet their unbearable mother. I turn back towards Jace.
"Hey look I'm sorry for saying what I did this morning, for judging you that's not you anymore and that wasn't fair of me." I say. He just chuckles which makes me raise an eyebrow at him.
"Funny you actually thought I cared what you thought." He says chuckling again. I just scoffed and turned on my heel and walked off. I needed to go get ready anyway asshole.

Author's note
So updates will come twice to once a week maybe more just how I feel. This is a new book I just started righting. What do y'all think of Jace's cold behavior?? Let me know in the messages don't forget to vote. Xx

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