Raphael part 2

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Jace and I made it to the rooftop a few minutes before Clary,Izzy,and Alec finally made it up. I walk over to the door that was one level down I jumped over the cement railing and dropped down. The others doing the same except Clary who took the stairs. I roll my eyes, she wants to be a shadowhunter she need to act like one.
"So what's the plan?" Izzy asks.
"Well did you talk to Merlin?" I asked giving her a look.
"Yes I did." She says blushing.
"The vamps already know we are here,but if you and Izzy go through that door and be a distraction that might give me time to sneak though at the bottom entrance." I say waiting for their responses.
"I am fine being the distraction but who is going with you because you're not going alone." Izzy says very firmly.
"I'm not comfortable leaving either of you but I feel like Rose will be in the most danger so I think you should go with her Jace." Alec says looking between us.
"Alec are you actually saying you want to be the distraction?" I ask with a smirk. Alec hates being the distraction.
"No I don't want to be but I trust my parabiti to bring you back in one piece." He says looking at Jace. I give Alec and Izzy a tight hug and then walk over to the edge of the building. I take out my stele and trace over my strength and balance rune. I look over at Jace who just smirks at me and steps off the building with me. I bend my knees and land in a crouched position.
"This way." I say motioning over to an empty alley. I walk over to a dumpster and push it to the right, and underneath was a storm door. I slowly and as quietly as possible open the door. It was pitch black and couldn't tell how far the jump would be. Vamps don't worry about that stuff, but it's still possible for shadowhunters to break a leg if not careful.
"I will go first and i will catch you when you jump." Jace says grabbing my arm and pulling me back. I just nod knowing there was no room to argue. I watch Jace jump into the black I started counting, one,two,three, i didn't hear him hit until I got to ten. I may be a tough shadowhunter but jumping into the dark without knowing how far it is freaks me out.
"I got you rose I won't let anything happen to you." Jace was the only one that knew about this fear. I put my hand over my mouth so I wouldn't scream and jumped in to the darkness. Ten seconds later I feel myself being caught in Jace's arms. I look up and see that our faces were inches apart. Even in the dark his gold eye stands out. I rub my hand across his cheek bone.
"Why do things have to be so complicated." I say knowing that this wasn't the time or the place but it had to be said. He just sighed and set me on the ground.
"Come on this way." I say walking to the left.
"How do you know so much about this place." Jace asks.
"This is the way Raphael used to sneak me in, and no it wasn't like that with me and Raphael I came to him as a friend he knew I loved someone else."
Jace didn't say anything after that we just kept walking. We were about to round a corner when I heard Simon's high pitched voice. I look back at Jace and he just nods. I just waltz into the room not to worried, I needed to play it cool. I am met with the eyes of Raphael and Simon is sitting on the couch looking terrified. Raphael moves and stands in front of Simon guarding him.
I walk up to him till I'm about two feet from him.
"Don't get any closer rose don't make me do something i don't want to." He says pointing a large dagger at me. I can almost feel Jace's anger radiating in the room. Jace comes up to Raphael.
"Look here vamp." But before Jace gets to Raphael he spins me around and holds the dagger to my neck. Jace stops in his tracks.
"Simon get to Jace now." I say airily considering I can feel the sharp blade cutting my neck. Simon quickly runs and hides behind Jace. Not a moment to late Izzy, Clary, and Alec come marching in. Alec looks furious and is about to attack Raphael. Thank goodness that Izzy grabs him by the arm and drags him back.
"What do you want Raphael." Jace demands.
"I didn't want anything it was Camille who wanted the red head," Raphael says gesturing towards Clary.
"Why what does she want with me." Clary says stepping forward. Making Raphael tighten his grip on me making the knife cut deeper. I hiss in pain and Clary stops her movements.
I swear this blade is laced with something. I have been cut like this before is never hurt like this. I looked over to Jace with pleading eyes.
"She wants the immortal cup" he spits.
"Why does everyone think I have the cup, because I don't! My mother took my memories and kept the shadow world a secret." Clary angrily states.
"Raphael let her go." Izzy pleads.
"Gladly! That way!" he gestures to the door but never letting  go of me.
"NOW I SAID," he screams. They all quickly do as he says. He hides me and himself behind some machinery and tells the others to go up to the door.
"We aren't leaving without her." Clary fights.
"Go now, or I swear I will kill her." He yells.
"You wouldn't." I say. He cuts me deeper. This time I couldn't help but scream out in pain.
"Raphael why are you doing this." I whisper.
"I'm sorry love but she is watching I have to."
"Just go." I say. They all reluctantly go out the door. Jace being dragged out by Alec. Finally Raphael pushes me forward letting me go. I grab my neck with my hands.
"Remember who your real enemies are Rose." He says with sad eyes.
I push open to the door and fall into Izzy's arms. I see Clary and Simon hugging each other tightly and Alec and Jace fighting.
"Izzy I don't feel so good." I say looking up at her.
"You have lost a good amount of blood."
I look down at my shirt that was covered in blood. I pout that was my favorite shirt. Izzy takes her stele out and traces an iratze but nothing happens she does it two more times.
"Umm guys I think we have a problem here." Izzy says interrupting the boys fighting.

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