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We are walking down the side walk trying to figure out how we are going to get in.
"Look I know one of these vamps personally. Let me go in and talk some since into him." I say turning around to look at them.
"Over my dead body." Alec says, rolling his eyes.
"I know of a back door but it's not gonna be easy to get in." Izzy says. Immediately I know what she is talking about. Izzy and I used to sneak out over to the hotel and party with the vamps. Now if Alec and Jace ever found out we would both be locked up for life.
"How do you know that?" Alec asks.
"Me and Rod..." before Izzy can finish her sentence I elbow her in her side. I give her a look that kills.
"Oh I read about it in a report." She quickly recovers. Alec just gives a questioning look.
"I'm gonna go convince him, go talk to him." Izzy says eyeing Jace. I just roll me eyes knowing she is right. I watch as she takes two large strides to catch up with Alec and hooks their arms.
I slow down and intertwine Jace's fingers with mine. I know I'm supposed to be mad at him but this is how we are and his touch relaxes me.
I whisper wine.
He just looks at me while raising an eyebrow at my tone.
"I can't be mad at you but you said some hurtful things too." I say serious this time.
"You know I didn't mean it I was just stressing.
"Still doesn't mean you should have said it."
"I'm not apologizing if that's what you're wanting."
"I just want us to go back to normal again." I say.
"We are." He says kissing my forehead. Our moment was interrupted when Clary starts to wine.
"Guys can we please hurry up. You guys are walking as if Simon's life isn't at stake."
"Clary they aren't going to kill Simon. He is bate to get you there. They want the mortal cup." Jace says letting go of my hand to walk up and place a hand on her shoulder. I can't help but frown at his actions. I repeat over and over in my head I'm not jealous IM NOT JEALOUS.

We arrive to the hotel where the sign is half lit.
"So were is this door?" Clary asks snarky may I add. I just walk up over to the side of the building and go up to a rusty looking fire escape ladder, that goes all the way up the 8 story building.
"This doesn't look safe?" Clary states.
"Trust me I have done this a thousand times it's fine." I say. Getting a reaction from Jace. He deserved it after that little stunt with Clary.
"Come on you will be fine." I say as I start claiming. I see Jace pull Clary out of the way and start up after me. I just laugh and roll my eyes but not loud enough for him to hear.
About half way up I turn around to see Jace practically with his face up my ass because he is following me so closely.
"Enjoying the view?"
"Do you want me to?" I was confused by his answer so I didn't reply and kept claiming.

Author's note I'm sooooo sorry for not writing as much! I hope you all are enjoying the story. I promise that the next chapter will come very soon and they will finally make it into the hotel.

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