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I quickly run up to her room and grab her sweatshirt. I hear steps coming up behind me, I turn to be met with the face of Jace. I just roll my eyes and go to draw the tracking rune. Jace grabs the stele from me.
"It will work better if we track her together." He says with soft eyes. This was his way of apologizing but he wasn't getting off the hook that easy. I don't reply I just take the stele from him and trace the tracking rune over his wrist, once I'm finished he does the same to me but places the rune on my shoulder. We both grab the sweatshirt and I fall into his arms from the force of the magic. When two shadowhunters track together that aren't parabatai it can drain you and make you weak but the tracking signal is much stronger.
I feel Jace's muscles flex when he tightens his arms around me stabilizing  us. I see Clary and Simon running down a hallway right before two vampires take them and sadly I recognized one of them. Once the vision is gone I use all my strength to stand up.
"We are too late." Jace says letting go of me.
"No we aren't come on." I say walking back down to the others. Once we both reach the others I tell them what happened.
"Clary and Simon have been taken by vampires." Before I can even finish Alec cuts in.
"There are 100s of vamps in Brooklyn."
"Yes i know Alec but luckily for us I know these vamps."
"Excuse me you do?" Jace and Alec day at the same time. I try not to smile at the fact they said the same thing at the same time.
"Yes I do but that's a story for another time." I say rolling my eyes.
"We need to go now they are at the hotel damort."  I say heading for the front door

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