Red head

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I had to be ready in thirty minutes and I was still laying on my bed thinking of what Jace said to me being so cold. Yes, Jace is distant with me and other people and cold towards people and was toward me at first but it has taken me years to break through and now that I have I'm being pushed out again.
I huffed and got up and picked out my outfit for the night. I decided on a cherry red shiny leather mini dress, with my black leather jacket, and my black doc martens. I next did my hair I curled my hair and let it hang down my back. Finally I did my makeup. I had a smokey eye with a hint of red and a cherry red lip. I looked back at the mirror and was happy with my work and walked out my door. I walked down to the training room to grab my weapons for the night.
"How are you gonna hide any weapons underneath that short of a dress?" Jace asks as soon as I enter the room. I don't even reply to his snarky comment. I took off two seraph blades and one dagger and hid them all in my coat. As soon as I finished in walked Izzy, and Alec. Izzy looked stunning as usual and well Alec looked grumpy about having to go to a party.
"Lets roll." I say walking out.
We all walk to Pandemonium. I was in the middle Jace was behind me and Alec and Izzy where in-front of me. I slowed my pace until Jace was walking beside me. We didn't say anything but I felt better with him by my side. Of course, he could never know how I felt about him. Before we went inside Jace had us all gather around in a circle.
"Alright we need to blend in but keep your eyes open." He says as if we didn't already know this.
"Mannn I was gonna go in there shut the music off and just ask who is dealing out the blood." I say sarcastically as I walk in. I hear the others following. As soon as I walk in, a bunch of the downworlders recognized me and started hooting and hollering. I just put my hands up and started dancing with everyone else.
I wasn't sure how long I had been dancing till I felt a firm grip grab my arm and pull me away from my hot dancing partner.
"Heyy!" I wine.
"You're welcome."
"Excuse me?" I retort.
"He had his hands all over you. He was practically undressing you with his eyes." Jace says with anger obvious in his voice.
"I thought you didn't care." I say rolling my eyes.
"Whatever we have a man to interrogate." He says harshly dragging me to a room behind a curtain.
I'm the middle of the room sat a evil looking man.
"I'm not gonna tell you anything!" He says angry.
"Oh really that's to bad because I wanted to have fun." I whisper into his ear as I sit on his lap. I watch as his eyes wander over my body which made me feel very uncomfortable and obviously it made Jace feel the same way.
"That's enough get away from the pervert." He says pulling me back and behind him. Out of no where three demons enter the room. I start to take on the leader.
I swing first just missing it's head. I see out of the corner of my eye Jace fighting one of the demons. Then out of know where I see a red head push Jace out of the way saving the demons life.
"Jace watch out!" I scream I hear the girl scream as the demon scratches the girl on the arm. Before anything gets worse Jace gets up and slays the demon. I was too distracted by Jace I didn't notice the demon I was pursuing advancing on me. I felt its teeth sink into my neck. I shrieked in pain before stabbing it in the chest. I watch as Jace runs over to the red head completely forgetting about me, but before I can do anything my vision goes black and my head connects with the floor.

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