The cards

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"I remember sitting on the steps of the loft and watching my mother giving a deck of cards to our neighbor and one was painted as a cup. What if my mom hid it inside the card." Clary tells us all as she moves her hands around her.
"Inside the card?" I ask.
"Yes inside, I can reach in and grab it. You weren't here when it happened." She says huffing. The way she said it made my blood boil.
"In case you forgot, I wasn't there because I was saving your mundane boyfriend's ass." I say leaning over the table and getting close to her face. She leaned back and gulped real hard.
"Where is the cute boy anyway." I saw Jace's jaw clench at my choice of words, clary's face dropped, and Alec rolled his eyes.
"Izzy what happened." I say looking at her.
"Camille turned him into a vampire, Clary decided to finish the transition and he is kinda upset about that." Izzy says fast and looking down.
"Wow that was selfish." I said looking at Clary.
"That's enough." Alec said. I just rolled my eyes.
"Where are the cards." Jace says changing the subject.
"In Luke's desk. He said he could get them tomorrow that he would be fine after a days of rest." Clary says.
"What happened to Luke." I say getting annoyed not being in the loop.
"Clary and Simon where kidnapped and questioned about the cup by the wolves and Luke challenged the Alfa and won but the bite made him sick and had to take him to magnus." Jace says never once looking at me. This is starting to get annoying.
"Let's meet here in the lobby at 7 tomorrow morning." Alec says getting a nod from all of us.
"I need to train." I say scrapping my chair against the floor.
I walked in to the big black room shedding my shirt leaving me in a sports bra and leggings. I put my hair up in a ponytail and activate a special rune. I don't know what's called my father showed it to me two days before he was killed. I laid down on the ground the cool matted floor feeling good on my back. I traced the rune on my stomach. I felt like my whole body was a heavy weight. I was being pulled down by something, something that wasn't there, then it felt like my whole body was electric. I reached my hands behind my head and flicked myself up onto my feet in a crouched position. I could feel my eyes glowing with the power of the angles. I look up to be met by another pair of eyes, a pair that scared me.

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