Moo shu to go

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I wake up cuffed to a chair and a splitting headache. I slowly lift my head and I'm met with a guy with a scar running down his face staring back at me.
"Can I help you." I say annoyed at the situation.
"Actually yes. I need to know where you hid the mortal cup." He growls in my face.
I started laughing immediately which got me a slap to the face. I just gave him a look that could kill.
"This isn't a joke shadowhunter." He spits.
"I don't know where the cup is dog." Which resolved with a punch to the face.
" I know you are lying just tell me where it is." He growls. I look around the room and see that we are all alone. I lean back and kick the man right in the chest. I swing around and hit him with the wooden chair I was confined to. This caused the chair to release me. I was so tired of this guy and his cooky attitude. One right hook, and he went straight to sleep. I huffed and smoothed down my shirt and walked straight out.

I threw the doors open and walked into the institute and met eyes with Jace. Yes I was so mad at him but I was also ready to cry because of what just happened and I needed him.
"Oh thank the angle." I say when I see Simon and clary standing beside Alec.
"Are you okay where have you been and do you realize how reckless that was." He says concerned and also angry.
"Whatever Jace I don't have to answer to you." I say going to walk off but he snatches my arm.
"What happened?" His voice softens.
"Dogs just be animals!" I say getting angry at what just happened.
"Wolves?" He questions. I just nod my head and pull my arm out of his grasp.
I go straight up stairs to my room. I slowly wipe the blood off my face, wincing at my movements. I hear my door creek open and shut. I look up in my mirror to see Jace. He grabs the cloth from me and leads me to my bed. He gently continues to get the remaining blood off.
"I was so worried Rose." He says looking at me so serious.
"Jace I'm okay nothing an iratze and some rest can't take care of.
I watch as he grabs my hand and then looks up at me with softness in his eyes.
"I'm worried because about what you said to clary when you woke up."
"Jace how was I supposed to feel. I woke up and you an Izzy with this mundane girl and didn't even acknowledge that I was awake and okay." I say starting to get upset.
"Rose you were out for days and every night I slept by your side. I didn't leave you. Clary just woke up first that is all."
"Okay." I say looking down. I didn't know if I believed him I wanted to but at the same time I wasn't ready to.
"I didn't know where you were I didn't know if you where even alive. I have never been so scared in my life Rose."
"Jace wayland was scared?" I say cocking my head to the side.
"Rose I'm being serious!" He says raising his voice and standing up. I quickly stand up and grab his hand. Which caused him to turn around at look at me. Our bodies only inches apart.
"I'm sorry I'm still getting used to the open and soft side of Jace." I say looking up at his blue and his blue and gold eye.
"It doesn't happen very often. But tonight when you where gone and I couldn't do anything it made me realize I need to tell you something before it is too late.
"And what would that be?" I ask. Instead of saying anything I watch as he looks at my lips and then leans in and closes the gap. His lips were soft and gentle. It felt right to be in his arms like this. I felt myself relax and deepen the kiss. I feel him move his hands down to my waist and his fingers touching my bare skin. It makes me suck in a sharp breath. At this Jace jumps back.
"I'm sorry I wasn't trying to take it too far." He says worried. I just smile at him and pull him close to me.
"Good talk." I tell him.

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