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"Wow. So let me get this straight. You were raised as a mundane and thought your father died in the war. But actually your father is valentine,the most dangerous shadowhunter." I say in awe.
"Yep that pretty much covers it." She says as her phone rings.
"Simon, are you okay?" I wait patiently as she finishes.
"Simon is meeting us there." She says as she leads the way. I just roll my eyes, great, now I have two mundanes to protect.
And like she said when we arrived there was Simon pacing around nervously.
"Thank god you are okay." He says embracing clary.
"Hi other sleeping girl that was with clary, rose right?" He says awkwardly.
"Yeahhhh." I say dragging out the h.
"Well let's go!" He practically yells.
"Mundane! Can you please be quite, no one needs to know we are here." I say annoyed.
"Sorry." He says in a hushed tone. He casually jogs up to a six foot wall and swings himself over like it's nothing. Most mundanes Simon's size can't do that. I look over at clary and she is just as surprised as me. I just shrugged and follows after him.
Once we reached the top of the fire escape to Clary's back door she was in awe.
"I don't remember it looking like this before." She says running her fingers over all the runes that she could now see.
"They are protection runes caste by a warlock,and you couldn't see them before because you didn't have the sight." I say plainly.
"Woahhhh clary what are all these tags?" Simon asks.
"You can see the runes?" I ask him?
"Um yeah they are kinda hard to miss."
"Yes for a shadowhunter but invisible to a mundane." I say eyeing him suspiciously.
"Uughhhh." I her clary let out.
"It won't open." She says frustrated.
"Here let me try." Simon says practically ripping the rusty door off its hinges. Again a mundane shouldn't be able to do that. I slowly walk past him following clary inside. We walk around looking for this so called box. I was all most ready to give up when Simon found it. But right when clary was about to open it we heard heavy foot steps coming our way.
"Run go straight to the institute don't stop until you get there. Promise me you will do as I say!" I yell at her and Simon. They quickly nod their heads and jump out of the window, which was only five feet from the ground. I watched them run around the corner. I went to turn around when I felt something heavy hit my head and then everything dark.

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