Part 5: New job

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It's 6 am. Way too early. But you can't mess this up and be late. You get out of bed and brush your teeth. You straighten your hair and put on light makeup. You put on business attire and finished getting ready. You checked the clock and realized it was only 7:00 am.

Your outfit:

    You still had some time and you didn't want to sit around at your house so you decided to leave and get some morning coffee

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    You still had some time and you didn't want to sit around at your house so you decided to leave and get some morning coffee. You got a ride to your favorite coffee shop, the one you and Jimin went to together. You've always went to that coffee shop ever since you came into town. They have the best coffee. You walked through the doors of the coffee shop and saw a familiar face in line. It was Jimin. You got in line behind him but He didn't acknowledge you.

    "I'll have 2 Caramel Frappuccinos. Oh and one with extra caramel please." Jimin looked over his shoulder and smirked at you. You smiled back. You smiled to yourself at the fact that he remembers your order. He didn't forget about you. He orders and you step out of line beside him. He grabs his two coffees and turns to you.

"Why are you looking at me?" He says with both coffees in his hands. "Oh, you thought I ordered you a coffee?" He laughs. Your face turns bright red in embarrassment.

"I-" before you could say anything he cuts you off. "Here you go... I did order it for you." He smiles and hands you the coffee. You take the coffee and hit his arm. "Not funny Jimin" you pout. He laughs at your cute reaction. "I'm sorry" he smiles at you. "Thank you." You smile and walk out the door in front of him. You stop on the sidewalk and he walks past you. He turns around and looks at you.

"What are you waiting on?" He asks you, confused.

"I took an Uber here." You answer him smiling.

"Pabo," He laughs "we're going to the same place. Get in." He opens the passenger door for you and you sit down. He gets in the drivers seat and drives off. "Thank you" you say while smiling softly. "Of course" he nods and smiles glancing over at you.

You arrive at the building and you both get out of the car. "You can start now" Jimin hands you his briefcase as you walk in.

   "Jimin, it's 7:50, I don't start work for another 10 minutes." You shove the briefcase back into his arms and walk off.

   "Where are you going?" You don't know where you're office is." he chuckles.

  Shit. He's right, you don't. You turn around and wait for him to catch up, tapping your foot impatiently.

"Who's the impatient one now?" He whispers in your ear as he walks past to lead the way.

You follow him, and he brings you to your office. You set your bag down in an open chair.

  "It's 8:01. Work has started. Here." He hands you a list of things to get done by 5:00 pm today. It was a long list. But you have a while to get it done.

"I'll be in my office if you need me." He smiles and exits the room.

It was all boring work, like organize files and stuff so it was pretty easy. You got done faster than expected, so you decided to go to Jimin's office and ask if he needed any other work done. When you got in front of his office you heard another person talking to him, so you waited outside for them to get finished, and you walked inside as soon as the other person walked out.

   "I finished early, is there any other work for me to do?" You ask walking over to his desk.

   "Umm, you can just go through and sort these papers for me and then you can leave." He points to a stack of papers. You pick them up and turn around to leave.

"Stay in here and do it though." He says before you walk out. You nod and take an empty seat.

The rest of the day was pretty easy. You didn't really talk, just small talk here and there. He was really busy. Always on the phone, or someone walking in asking things. You finished the papers and started packing up your things. It was exactly 5:00. Perfect timing.

   As you went to grab your bag to leave, your stomach started to growl. The only thing you've eaten today was a granola bar for lunch. It's not that you weren't hungry, you just were occupied with work and didn't focus on your hunger. Jimin heard your stomach growl and looked up from his desk.

   "Have you eaten yet today?" He sounded concerned.

"Yes, I had a granola bar at lunch" You responded honestly.

"Is that all?" He questions you.

"Yes, but I'm fine, I'm actually headed to get dinner right now." You say and turn to walk out.

   "I'm finishing up, and I'm hungry too, let's go together." He replies quickly and and gathers his things.

"Ummm okay." You nod and stand there, waiting for him.

"Let's go." He walks over to you smiling, holding his coat and briefcase. He opens the door for you and you walk out.

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