Chapter 27

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"He's doing it again," Anni whispered in my ear.

I looked through the clutter of bodies and watched as Calum stood, pressed against the bar praying on his next victim. 

"Yeah maybe you should talk to him," Michael suggested, " He'll probably listen to you."

i don't understand why I have to talk to him though, he won't listen to me anymore than he'll listen to Michael or Ashton. He's sensitive, he always has been. He's definitely not one for taking constructive criticism well, by me talking to him will probably only make things worse.

I looked around me, all of my friends staring at me in a pleading way. None of us wanted to see calum like this, he was our friend and he's definitely not handling this phase of the grieving rocess well.

I sighed and scooted out of the booth which was located in the back corner of the nightclub and trundled carefully towards the bar. "Calum I need to have a word with you," I spoke.

The girl he was chatting up tonight turned and smiled at me. Another groupie.

You could tell them from a mile off, winged eyeliner, black crop top, black jeans, a flannel and usually a choker. The whole groupie process is probably the most stupid thing I have ever heard in my life, personally, I would much rather settle down with someone for life than 'settle down' with someone for the night. 

"Mate would you just leave," Calum snapped, pushing me back.

"No because the way to get over someone sure as hell isn't by doing this, you're sleeping with a new girl every night." I retorted, the whole stuation made me angry and that didn't help with my wanna be calm tone of voice. 

"That's none of your business."

"It is actually because the news is everywhere and it's ruining our reputation Calum." I spat, "You don't think Eva sees this in London? Calum you're fucking everything up."

"That's all you care about," the girl walked away and I slid into her position, "All you care about is a fucking reputation,"

"Well you better watch because in a few years the only reputation you'll have is a womanizer, you won't have record sales, you won't get girls and you sure as hell won't get Eva back."

He shrunk back down in his seat. The last few words really hit him. I was in no way whatsoever trying to hurt him, he just needed to be brought back down from whatever planet he was o. 

I stormed past him and sat back down at our booth.

"Did it work?" Michael asked.

"To be honest I don't fucking care, he can do what he likes." I snapped, "He's only fucking himself up and he won't see what anybody's doing for him."

"What are you thinking?" Ashton asked, thoughts running through my mind. 

He wasn't doing well at all without Eva and i don't know about her but i'm assuming she isn't either. 

"I don't know, but I'll think of something."

Tonight Calum left the club, no girl in sight. 

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