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an: this is more light hearted. and the first line of this story is a big fat mood.


"I hate life!"

Kaycee stormed into her room, threw her bag onto her bed before jumping onto it, running her hands through her hair as she let out an exasperated sigh.

"Woah, what's wrong?" her sister asked, poking her head through her opened doorway.

"That stupid loser is driving me mad!"

"Sean again? Gosh Kaycee, the number of times you talk about that lewser is making me believe you're back to having a crush on him," Kylie was now leaning against the her door frame with a smirk plastered on her face.

Crush? Hell no.

"I'd rather die than date him, Kylie," Kaycee quickly shot back, letting out a snort as she crossed her arms.

Kylie raised her hands up in defeat before turning to leave, closing the door as she did so. She shook her head on the way back to her room, letting out a small chuckle.

"She knows she didn't mean that," she mumbled to herself.

Once the door was shut, Kaycee immediately fished out her computer. Her school had started this movement where each student gets assigned to an online pen-pal, and gets to converse with that person through a site that keeps each party's identity anonymous. Her pen-pal was really sweet - she would always offer great life advice and cheer her up whenever she was down. She was like her best friend, and Kaycee had told her secrets she hadn't told anyone else.

But the topic about Sean was never touched on, for he was the cliché popular jock in the school, and every girl wanted a piece of him. Every girl except her. She figured that there was no point trying to convince her online pen-pal to hate him. Whoever she was, she probably was head over heels in love with him too.

That day, she had bumped into Sean in the hallway. Like always, they ended up in a heated argument which he won within minutes, and she was not the slightest bit happy.

She once wondered why she still bore a grudge against Sean. But she soon brushed that thought away. It was his fault.

A year back, she told Sean that she had a crush on Josh Beauchamp, and he spilled the beans the following day - coming to school late (not to mention, drunk) and screaming about it at the top of his lungs in the cafeteria during lunch. He got suspended for a week, and she gave him the silent treatment for weeks even after countless apologies from him, including him begging on his knees.

Since then, they both grew hatred for each other, throwing insults whenever they met. This day was no different, and she was starting to get sick of his loathsome attitude.

"Gosh, Kaycee, if laughter's the best medicine, your face is definitely curing the most terrible diseases," was what he said earlier that day.

She wondered what her online pen-pal would have to say about this.



hey, i need to tell you something

sure, spill.

so there's this guy who keeps on
bugging me, and i just.. i don't know


never mind, you wouldn't believe me

just tell me who, i'll beat him
up for you :)

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