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A/N: this is going to be fun. oh and if you want, you can re-read just the last few paragraphs of "stone [3/3]" before reading this :-)


The man took in a deep, shaky breath, his eyes moving towards the small sheet of paper in his left hand, which was now shaking uncontrollably. He had rehearsed this over and over, way too many times to count, that the words that had been scribbled onto the sheet were practically engraved into that genius brain of his, but now, with the microphone in his right hand, his mind was blank, and the fact that he couldn't make out the words on the small, trembling card didn't help at all.

"Sorry," he mumbled into the microphone. He could almost feel the eyes of everyone sitting in the audience on him, watching him in anticipation, some of them probably even starting to get restless. He had to start speaking any time soon, and if that meant having to go impromptu, he didn't really have a choice.

"You know what, screw this," he muttered, scrunching up the paper and stuffing it into his pocket. The seated crowd seemed to be amused to see him pouring all the effort he had spent preparing for this down the drain, and instantly perked up in their seats, interested to see what he could come up with on the spot.

He drew in another deep breath.

"Do you remember the start of us, Kayc? I remember that conversation. Word for word. And you know I have the worst memory," he started off with a light chuckle.

"I remember you had been talking to one of your friends, and he was looking at you.. weirdly, I guess. I tried to control myself, I really did. But when you started laughing and his fingers started moving towards your waist, I couldn't really hold myself back.

I would admit that I was, in fact, looking over at you from the other side of the large TMilly studio. I couldn't stop myself — even in the dark corner of the room, you still stood out, shining with a different light compared to everyone else."

"Besides, we're talking about the sixteen-year-old me who had almost zero self-control when it came to anything concerning you, and the sixteen-year-old me who had pulled you away from him and towards the door within seconds.

Back then, I didn't know why I had done that. Why there was this gnawing feeling inside me egging me to protect you from all the danger in this world. I remember pulling you all the way out of the studio till the water fountain came into view.

You see, our story didn't begin in some famous park, with the both of us sitting on the platform of a grand water fountain looking at little birds flying around. You know, like the ones in those romantic movies, or the one in the opening credits of F•R•I•E•N•D•S — we used to love that show.

No, our water fountain was different.

Our water fountain was a small, grey box mounted onto the TMilly receptionist area wall, with a little spout on one corner for drinking and a tap on another for dispensing water into water bottles. Like those you see almost everywhere in airports because water isn't allowed to be carried through the checkpoint.

How romantic."


Laura, sitting in the front row with teary eyes, let out a small laugh, dabbing her right eye with a sheet of tissue. She turned to look at Devon, who's lip was trembling, and wrapped an arm around him.

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