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an: here is one of my experimental-ish one shots when i was trying out different writing styles just to get out of my comfort zone. i aimed to make it a little more poetry-like and based it upon one stanza of one of the poems i've written. i realised a whole lot of 'poetic' one shots here are really dark, really tear-jerking and really angsty (i love them, though, they're one of my favs) so i wanted to try doing something a little more light hearted. i tried.

this is way shorter than my usual writing style because it doesn't really have a plot.


Kaycee Rice was a plant.

She often felt like one, and the more she read about these plants, the more she realised how similar she was to them. And she also realised that if she were a plant, Sean Lew was a bee. Flowers often show their bright petals in order to attract pollinators like bees, and he was often the centre of attention, swarmed by desperate girls all vying for him.

It wouldn't matter that much if Kaycee were to be a rose, a sunflower, or any flower that attracted his attention.

But Kaycee Rice soon noticed she was like a non-flowering plant.

She used to think she was like grass. Abundant, in plain sight. But always overshadowed by those tall plants with those gorgeous petals and colours. She was Sean Lew's best friend, his partner in crime, and the girl he spent the most time with. Yet, she knew she was no match for him - she couldn't compare with all those popular girls in school, thick makeup caked on their faces that highlight their features, and short skimpy shirts that definitely do not follow the dress code.. She was almost invisible to everyone around her, only used to help cover the soil and make the other more beautiful flowers even more outstanding.

The nerd in her later found out that grasses bore flowers, much to her dismay. It was just that the flowers were extremely tiny and green that almost no one saw them, which was why people often mistook them for non-flowering plants. Misunderstood, just like her. Beneath her cheery facáde was a whole lot of insecurity, complemented with memories of harsh criticism and backlash from people she used to call her 'friends'. People who she trusted, but soon threw her valuable trust into the trash, deeming it worthless.

Grass' flowers were wind-pollinated, the tiny and light pollen grains washed away from the anthers and pulled by strong gusts of air, disappearing into the wind only to fall somewhere else. She often felt like grass, her talents and intellect taken advantage of and used for others' glory - she swore that the school queen only got good grades because she had stolen her detailed and annotated Biology notes a few days before the examination. She hated it, but her petite body and her 'nobody' status in school wasn't anywhere near enough to defend herself.

Or maybe she was like mimosa. The leaves of the mimosa plant instantly fold up when touched, which are caused by a change in turgor pressure.

She found herself weak, and often closed herself up when hurt. She would run home and cry in her room whenever she was the target of the verbal insults from the popular girls, calling her names that she'd rather not utter. Day by day, she would work hard to build up her walls and defences against them, only to be crumbled by someone else's insult and repeat the entire cycle again.

Her mental breakdowns started to increase in numbers, and she became more quiet, more introverted, more cold to strangers. The light that was once shining brightly within her started to flicker, dying out little by little. She thought no one noticed.

But one day, it stopped.

The girls never came to her again. They avoided her and would always keep their heads low when she walked past, suddenly losing the confidence to go up to her and call her a "bitch". Instead, they apologised to her, and tried to be nice, but she knew better than to let them in so easily.

The school's queen bee stopped demanding for her homework and notes to be copied, and started to work on her studies with her own effort. She even sincerely asked Kaycee if she could tutor her once a week, and she gladly agreed, happy to be of help to someone.

Her frien— ex-friends, they came to her and clarified all misunderstandings, giving her apology after apology and slowly rebuilding their friendship.

It was like a dream. Her problems, one by one, started to resolve by themselves. She once wondered whether it was all a fantasy, one of her hallucinations, and had to pinch herself every time someone she didn't expect came to her with a genuine smile on their face.

But she soon found the culprit behind these resolutions - she overheard the the dark-haired Asian boy talking to Tati McQuay, one of her best friends in middle school who then on broke her trust, at the back corner of the school. Though she was slightly upset that he took matters into his own hands, behind her back as well, she couldn't help but feel her heart swelling upon hearing how concerned he was for her.

Because she didn't know, to him, she wasn't any of those things. She wasn't anywhere near grass, nor was she anything like mimosa. She wasn't a flowering plant either. He didn't care for those things.

She was a hollow tree, a place bees often chose to build their beehives. If anyone dared to come near their home and attack it, the bees emerge from their beehive and sting the culprit, even if it meant losing their lives. No matter how many flowers they visited, they would always return to their beehive in the hollow trees - it was the only place they felt comfortable and safe.

If Sean Lew was a bee, Kaycee Rice was a hollow tree. He'd protect her at all costs, not caring if it meant getting himself hurt. And no matter how many girls Sean Lew let cross his sight, he would always come home.

His home was Kaycee Rice.



bleh. poetry's not my thing.

im extremely late, but happy new year! i originally wanted to 'attack' you guys with a different chapter. but that chapter won't be seen for now, because if all goes well, i will be publishing a new book here 😬 updates on this book will be a little slow but will definitely pick up pace once all the chapters of my new book are somewhat completed. honestly, im quite excited, but very nervous at the same time. im putting a lot of effort into it, but i really dont know how it'll turn out.

plunge pt. 2 is also in the works :-)

ps: i made a new fan account on instagram where ill mainly be posting audioswaps, because i have so many songs in my playlist that i really wanna see sean and kaycee dance to. my user is @seayceeaudios, it'll mean so much if you could possibly check it out and dm me to become friends, i have only one online friend now😂 (she's so sweet) because im really bad at making friends and don't know where to start, so uh.. please dm me if possible😬 i would love to see whether you guys have any feedback/ criticism on my work!

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