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a/n: lmao i feel like the title is so misleading honestly, but i can't think of a better one. sorry for not updating in a while, i actually wrote an entire one shot about sean being this notorious bully in school and also getting abused at home but then decided to delete it cause it was too cliché and badly written, lol. this one's quite cliché and badly written too, but oh well.

note: some explicit language, and uh.. a kiss, obviously.


They sat on the park bench, him twiddling with his fingers and her staring into the distance. There was a very small, yet comfortable gap between them, but they weren't really paying attention to that, too preoccupied in their thoughts. Furthermore, being best friends for years, they had countless cat-fights, wrestling matches, sleepovers and all, so between them, there wasn't really something called 'personal space'.

All around them, leaves draped over the trees like a blanket, and the myriad of autumn shades further beautified the landscape of Central Park. People of all ages were engrossed in their activities, donned in warm clothes, either jumping enthusiastically on leaves and twigs or watching others do that in amusement.

While he fiddled with his hands, evidently distracted, her eyes were fixated upon an elderly couple, seated on a bench right across them. The old man had a wide grin on his face as he fed his wife a freshly prepared pretzel. When a some of the cinnamon sugar landed on her cheek, he laughed, taking a small piece of tissue from his pocket before wiping her face clean. The couple spoke to each other without words, having an entire conversation just by giggling, eating and smiling.

Upon this sight, she couldn't help but smile, too.

"Hey, aren't they cute?" she asked the young man beside her.

But he wasn't paying attention. He had subconsciously been shaking his legs lightly, a habit whenever he drowned in his thoughts, causing the fallen leaves beneath him to emit soft, but satisfying ruffling sounds.

"Hey?" she asked again, turning her head towards him when he didn't give a response.

"Hm?" he jolted out of his daze, only to see her wearing a concerned look.

"I was just saying that the couple over there looks really cute," she said, "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I-I'm fine, thanks," he gave her a weak smile before going back to looking at his hands, "They do look cute."

"You didn't even look at them," she sighed in defeat. He had seemed to be more.. disturbed these days - distancing himself from her and avoiding any conversations, it was as if there was something bothering him. Not that she was always paying attention to him—

She sighed again. She had to stop lying to herself. Having a crush on your best friend had its consequences, and she had been bearing them for months.

I wish we could be like them, she thought, looking over at the old man, who had his fingers intertwined with the ones of his spouse, and continued to feed her the pretzel. She immediately covered her mouth when she realised she had said her thoughts out loud.

"What did you say?"

She shook her head. "Nothing."

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