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an: they're all in school in this story :)

The boy squad sat at the table, silently eating their lunch, all engrossed in their phones, waiting for their last member to join them. Josh looked up from his phone and glanced around.

"Guys, Kaycee isn't at her table with her friends. And he isn't here too," he pointed out, a little wary. He had noticed both parties being more distant recently, and was hoping everything was going smoothly in their relationship.

"Probably in janitor's making out. That's what they always do during lunch, anyways," Julian replied, not looking away from his phone, earning a glare from everyone else at the table.

At that moment, he walked in, hair ruffled and messed up, cheeks flushed and lips swollen.

"Told ya'll. They were making out," Julian said with a shrug.

He let out a shaky breath as he placed his bag down.

"Where's Kaycee?" Gabe asked.

"W-We b-broke up," he simply replied, choking his words.

The boys immediately looked up from their phones.


"I-I messed up, guys. I messed up big time," he repeated incessantly like it was a chant, combing his hands through his hair furiously. He didn't care that the whole cafeteria was staring at him breaking down during lunch, extremely surprised that one of the arrogant, popular kids in the school was like this.

"It's okay, man. Don't be so hard on yourself," Josh patted him on the back, worry etched on his face. Seeing his dear friend in this bad of a state wasn't common, especially since he had always been the live wire of the group.

There and then, he cupped his face in his hands and tears started rolling down his face. He didn't even know why he was crying. Guilt? Not really. Embarrassment? Probably.

"O-Okay.. Bro, Josh's right, it takes two hands to clap. Both you and Kaycee needed to work together for this relationship, but it just didn't work out, don't fret about it," Julian tried to comfort, signalling at his girlfriend Chloe, who was waving at him from two tables away, to wait for a bit.

"Yeah, it's not your fault," Gabe chipped in.

"I-I ch-cheated on her, it is my fault," he replied shakily, the thought of Kaycee finding him kissing another girl a few minutes ago haunting him.

Instantly, the eyes of the only boy in the group who hadn't spoken a word shot up, and met the eyes of the broken boy with an icy glare.

"You cheated on her?" he spoke softly, but loud enough for him to hear.

He remained silent.

"You. Cheated. On. Her?!" he repeated, hands balling into fists as he stood up.

He slowly nodded his head.

With that, the boy, fuming, took his bag and stormed out of the cafeteria, leaving Kenneth sobbing and the rest of the group dumbfounded.


He was running through the hallway, towards the one place he knew where Kaycee would be.

There she was, at the small abandoned spot at the far back of the school where there was only one, withering oak tree. Their spot. She was sitting down, arms hugging her knees and her face hidden between her legs, her curls loosely hanging by her sides. He drew in a shaky breath.


"Kayc," he began.

He heard her sniffling, and pursed his lips, taking one more step towards her.

"Kaycee?" he said, softly and gently. She lifted her head slowly, only to meet the brown eyes she had longed to see for the longest time.

His eyes widened at the sight before him — her face stained with tears, eyes red and puffy, and her face etched with so much pain that it sent a arrow piercing through his heart.

"Gosh, Kaycee," he whispered and rushed towards her, enveloping her in an embrace.

Feeling his arms around her made her feel protected, feel safe, feel loved. She cried, letting her tears drench his shirt as he rubbed her back with his fingers, his breaths shaky.

As much as it hurt him to see her like this, he let her cry.

"S-Sean, i-it h-hurts, h-he ch--" she choked out, before breaking into another series of sobs and tears.

"Sh.. I know, I know, princess," he whispered, "it's okay, you have me."

She looked up, and saw that his eyes, were too, brimmed with tears. Seeing her cry had made him cry too. Her heart started beating at an unusually fast pace.

"I-I'm s-sorry.." she mumbled, looking back down.

She was sorry, not for the fact that she was crying in his embrace. Not for the fact that he had to see her like this.

But for the fact that she was too scared to take risks. He had confessed to her ages ago, but she simply pushed it away, bottling up her feelings for him just because she was too scared. Going out with Kenneth to try and distract herself from him. She couldn't imagine the pain he was going through, seeing her happy with someone that wasn't him. She put him through all this, yet he was here, comforting her.

For the fact that she was too dumb to realise that he was the one pulling her out of her misery every single time. That time she didn't make it through an audition. That time she felt she wasn't pretty enough and let the hate comments get to her. That time the both of them didn't get through the Divisional Finals in WOD. All this while, he never gave up on her, always sticking by her side and offering a shoulder to cry on.

For the fact that he was always protecting her. Always offering great life advice and giving her sweet compliments when she needed them, never failing to drop everything at hand just to be with her when she needed help. God, he even ran out of the studio in the middle of a class he was teaching when he found out she was throwing up at home.

And what did she do to repay him?

She went out with someone else, trying to hide the love she had for him.

"Hey," he said, lifting her chin up and cupping her face in his hands, but her eyes darted to the side, for she was too ashamed to even look at him.

"Look at me, Kayc."

Her eyes were involuntarily attracted to him.

"It's not your fault, okay? None of this is your fault. Kaycee, you're one of the most beautiful, kind-hearted and--" he started rambling, but was cut off.

"I love you," she breathed, letting out a breath she didn't know she had been holding.

Instantly, a huge weight lifted from her heart.

He took in a deep breath, not believing what he was hearing, before enveloping her in an hug, tears of pure joy running down his cheeks.

She felt suffocated, for he was so overjoyed he hugged her so tight she was about to choke, but she didn't mind.

Because there and then, she was free. She was loved. She was home.

an: goodness i don't even know what this piece of terrible work is. didn't proof read, sorry for any mistakes. and uh, as you can see, i cant really write any happy stories without any sadness. wow. i'll work on it though, and try to write more fluff :) also, i unpublished our story, cause ill be doing some major editing and see whether i still want to use that plot.

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