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hi! this is a VERY weird one. also, this story is more sean oriented, im so sorry about that. i just couldnt imagine kaycee going through what sean is going through in this story, so i let sean be the protagonist here. also, diana is no one you should know, like she's just a random fictional character i added for the sake of this story, and her real identity, though very obvious at the start (whoops), is meant to be kept secret till somewhere towards the end.

17 November 2019.

Diana took a sip of her coffee before slumping into her seat.

Black, no sugar, just how she liked it. Kind of reminded her of the person she knew was about to walk in any minute. No sweetness. No light. No happiness.

At that moment, the doorknob turned, and the door opened slightly with a small creak.

Speak of the devil.

She looked up, only to see his face peeping out of the door.

He looked different, to say the least, which was a pleasant surprise. In his previous visits, he would always come late, barging through the door and not bothering to give her eye contact.

"You're early," she said with a smile, "take a seat."

"Thanks," he mumbled.

He walked into the room and closed the door behind him. Plonking himself on the chair, he removed his airpods from his ears and placed them on the table.

Now, that's new.

"How have you been, Sean?" she asked, typing some things into her computer.


He paused.

"I-I found Kaycee," he continued, his eyes not leaving the table.

Her fingers instantly froze, hovering slightly over the keyboard.

13 November 2019

"I'm heading out," he stormed out of his room and stated simply, not bothering to look at his parents or his siblings, who were at the dinner table, eating.

"Sean, where are you—" before Serris could finish her question, the front door had been slammed shut and he was gone.

She sighed.

"Well," Sarah said, placing her fork and spoon down, "at least he's out of his room and going outside."

Sean walked briskly, air pods in his ears, shutting out everything around him. That day, just like every day, he had this voice in his head, screaming how useless he was for the upteenth time. Though he managed to push it every other day, this time, it was stronger. Strong enough to defeat him.

That morning, he realised it was exactly a year since Kaycee was gone. And he still hasn't found her yet.


That voice lingered in his head.

Once and for all, he got tired of fighting it.

He had planned to go to the roof of the nearby abandoned building, where he and Kaycee used to spend every Saturday night star gazing, and re-live that memory that night before taking his life. But when he arrived, he didn't expect was to see another girl already there, back facing him, staring into the distance.

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