stone [3/3]

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part 3. finally. get ready for a long a/n at the end of this chapter. can i just say that i absolutely hated this entire chapter tbh 😂

also, don't expect too much from this. :-)

-put all your weight on me-

"Sean? I have a surprise for you!" Kaycee burst through the front door a few hours later, excitement burning in every fibre of her body. However, what she saw in front of her caused her eyes to widen.

"S-Sean? What the heck do you think you're doing?!" she ran forward to the man who was about to chug down a bottle of beer he just took out from the fridge.

"Hey, hey!" she stopped him in time, pulling the bottle out of his hand, "The doctors specifically told you to cut down on alcohol."

"Who the fuck cares what the doctors say," he muttered, reaching for the bottle now in her hand, "Give that back."

"No, Sean. You've fought for so long, don't stop now," she shot back, "You're almost there. Just hang on for a little longer."

"Almost there? Kayc, even if I survive this, everyone's still going to treat me like an alien. Do you know how painful it is to be treated differently by the people I love, the people who love me, as if a tiny little thing they do may break me instantly? Do you know how useless I feel when time and time again, I burden the ones I love?" his voice cracked as he turned to look at her, "In a few months, the tumour may be gone, but the gnawing feeling inside me telling me I'm worth nothing, the pity party from everyone around me will last till the day I die!"

"I'm sorry, Kayc. I-I just really want to give up," he whispered, his voice holding so much pain and sorrow that it caused her heart to melt.

She gulped.

He reached out for the bottle once again, but she took a few quick steps back, pulling the bottle further away from him.

"Sean, the last time you took alcohol when you were still on chemo you said it was disgusting cause—" she tried to reason with him, recalling the incident when he tried taking a shot a few weeks back, and nearly gagged because the drugs used in his therapy had completely altered the way it tasted, and made it a thousand times worse.

"Maybe I feel disgusting!" he snapped, now choosing not to hold back any further, "Maybe I feel so stupid, so useless and just—" he started to ramble, pointing forcefully to his chest as his breathing started to get heavier, but then abruptly stopped talking when he noticed something.

"K-K-Kaycee, where's y-your.." he trailed off, looking at her left ear, where her tiny soft curl had disappeared into thin air. It was her favourite curl among all the curls in her natural hair, and his favourite too. It was also the only curl that always refused to stay tucked inside the beanies she wore, and thus were the only strands of hair that always dangled out whenever she was wearing one. And on her head, at that moment, was a new beanie she had just bought from the nearby mall before coming home, yet, that curl was nowhere to be seen.

"N-No n-no, no way," he mumbled, realisation hitting him like a truck. With trembling hands, he slowly lifted the beanie off her head, only to see his worst fears coming true.

There stood Kaycee Rice, head shaved bald, a small embarrassed smile on her face.


"Do you know what the fuck you just did?!" he knew the answer to that question, and was seated on the couch, holding his head in his hands as millions of negative thoughts attacked him. She was seated next to him, tears running down her face, her heart filled with so many emotions it was starting to confuse her.

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